Has bad grades and low income yea i got into hardvard bad financial aid tho b400f6
1.0 by 375 huffers
Borrows vigus book for one last time needs it again next week 4f8d83
1.0 by 366 huffers
Lost fantasy football playoffs calls other players dorks f30e65
1.0 by 378 huffers
Shits in your toilet doesnt flush 63732f
1.0 by 375 huffers
Uses plus plan for girl at mackin yea i m pretty much a pimp 72de00
1.1 by 379 huffers
Offers you free beer it s expired or spiked with a pill b540ae
1.1 by 389 huffers
Goes to produce department plays with the cucumbers c45cab
1.0 by 392 huffers
Interview steve online ask about the lulz f1f906
1.0 by 369 huffers
Stay in room all day when told to look for a job gets grounded to room escapes to look for jobs c33ff8
1.0 by 354 huffers
Fails on mako blames ultima 433703
1.1 by 354 huffers
Dfs is slow to display 20 gb of data makes a video to show you a47279
1.0 by 339 huffers
Interview steve online ask about the lulz eae4c3
1.0 by 331 huffers
Fought 13 year old and lost i got jumped bro
1.2 by 1,492 huffers
Bro your sister is a 10 she s 10 4cd383
1.0 by 427 huffers
Asks for laptop buying advice hangs shit on advice b3c518
1.1 by 358 huffers
Loses bet to a friend doesn t pay 2bc6f8
1.1 by 361 huffers
Has a tattoo of tyga lyrics b1ed55
1.0 by 350 huffers
Promises not to tell anyone new facebook status 6fd462
1.0 by 384 huffers
Goes to college forgets about his best friends 9324dc
1.1 by 475 huffers
Go to mass drink all the jesus a5fd81
1.1 by 964 huffers
Happy birthday bruh can i have 80 a70a7e
1.1 by 336 huffers
Invites you over gives you sars 3315fb
1.1 by 386 huffers
Dude you wanna be an investor
1.1 by 965 huffers
Didn t bring any food to wando just another day for scumbag steve e90eb5
1.1 by 373 huffers