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Got a macbook pro installed ubuntu on it d325ef
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Roach ling all in every single game on ladder f1eeed
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Gets excited about a preseaon football game posts trash talk on facebook 60181f
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Invites us to watch the vow doesn t show up 1e1334
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Smokes weed once at community college mac miller fan for life 7527a3
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Bro you ll never guess what i got pet python 038bfd
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Is 21 yrs old with no job or education spends all his time on xbox ede5bc
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Saves three seats in a packed movie theatre ends up just being him and his date 978e60
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Yo dawg let s go to ceres leaves before bill arrives d41d8c
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Goes to dining court alone takes the largest table available 8a2248
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Has money and a great computer won t buy a 4 game because it s too violent 550f53
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Promises documentation asks for change request 1f8d22
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Goes on trip with friend hooks up with sister 3990d0
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Says definetly message me does not read reply to message 91eed9
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Crashes forum subsystems like fuck promotes pofecker to super admin d8a66f
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Dry humps you at music fest has girlfriend e859e2
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Makes unit compulsory cancels it 44a57e
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Gets you to sleep with him still charges you cover 8c4b7b
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Drives stock wanna be luxury car makes fun of others 62e08d
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