Found bike at mbta station bike parking cafae4
1.1 by 428 huffers
Throws blankets over you at night wakes up and demands why you stole blankets 2beffb
1.0 by 428 huffers
Leaves project a week early d32186
1.0 by 492 huffers
Let s celebrate christmas messed up food and let hungry 43db7f
1.0 by 432 huffers
Claims to be black sabbath fan only knows the song iron man d41d8c
1.0 by 501 huffers
Says will give gas pitch bums a smoke instead 046a22
1.0 by 560 huffers
Hey bro nice meme reposts it on trolino 1260a4
1.1 by 466 huffers
Offered to do important role in group project moved to another country when needed f06676
1.0 by 456 huffers
Can i have the rest of that beer fo sho
1.1 by 487 huffers
Borrows your bike find it at pawn shop 611ac2
1.1 by 1,212 huffers
Shannon is having my baby b38c46
1.0 by 430 huffers
He city s 1 escape room only 4 d 2ed9bc
1.0 by 435 huffers
Hello ladies immediate drop to below friendzone 7a2d66
1.0 by 480 huffers
Dominating the game with the top score leaves halfway through resulting in host migration 436ea6
1.0 by 434 huffers
Eats your sandwich laughs at you bfb055
1.1 by 440 huffers
Beats up highschool kid at party brags about it 3b1210
1.0 by 443 huffers
Ask s you to paint then asked to get picked up bff699
1.0 by 434 huffers
Takes half day on friday to play golf takes half department with him does no work 064452
1.1 by 811 huffers
To start a fight i will not say anything more responds with three emails 330d72
1.0 by 442 huffers
Goes to great lengths to let everyone know how big a xbox gamer he is only has 10 000 gs 488b90
1.0 by 497 huffers
Says twitter sucks uses hashtags on facebook 716b5f
1.0 by 703 huffers
Has one bad week blames the commish 4f6635
1.0 by 441 huffers
Complains when he doesn t get invited doesn t come when he is invited f3c97f
1.0 by 435 huffers
Sister has a fap session blames iinet for the slow internet connection 580cc7
1.1 by 427 huffers