Buys psvita looks for memory card slot 409344
1.1 by 332 huffers
Granny flo loaned her coat and drew checks on cap with crayons 4c3b05
1.0 by 457 huffers
Asks for a ride farts in your car b75c3c
1.1 by 899 huffers
Goes to party leaves an upper decker e1aac1
1.1 by 361 huffers
Answers yes to all forgets to show up to half 65ca5e
1.1 by 353 huffers
Comes over to help you move your cod goes missing 780ad9
1.1 by 331 huffers
Texts his girlfriend lol does t actually laugh f916b8
1.1 by 340 huffers
Hates twilight has never read twilight 442d85
1.1 by 430 huffers
Matches you on tinder makes your dog smoke beer d6368c
1.0 by 397 huffers
Thinks he is k rad but he just k bad ec22f2
1.0 by 386 huffers
You re having a baby i can t wait to babysit you re baby was born i hate them fuck that kidz 580d71
1.0 by 331 huffers
Doesn t agree with church s practices lies gets upset for being excommunicated 45a45a
1.0 by 336 huffers
Borrows your laptop gay porn and a trojan 9aa922
1.0 by 537 huffers
Buys item on ebay with immediate bin option takes 3 days to pay 8eaa0a
1.1 by 399 huffers
Exam time is up carrys on writing 5ba391
1.1 by 538 huffers
Buys 800 gaming pc pirates every fucking game 1d6b10
1.1 by 357 huffers
Link to picture of rashida jones mom don t say who it is b7d87c
1.1 by 376 huffers
Knows yeah i don t know cf442b
1.0 by 368 huffers
Parajumpers jacken yxlfmxqk gmail com b5c606
1.0 by 381 huffers
Never posts own jokes complains about no original content 25aa75
1.1 by 426 huffers
Borrows your bike find it at pawn shop 611ac2
1.1 by 957 huffers
Fills out job application writes yes please next to sex bef601
1.0 by 510 huffers
Tells you hes getting weed tommarow but you heard that story yesterday a09298
1.1 by 357 huffers
What you lookin at thats what i thought
1.1 by 465 huffers