Kills entire family because they turned off his phone 615918
1.1 by 277 huffers
Says he won t send the pic to anyone shows up as school desktop wallpaper the next day cceba8
1.0 by 274 huffers
Owes 50 for your extra blows it all on molly in the lot 91a308
1.0 by 301 huffers
Servas ich bin der roland nagy 5b9718
1.0 by 290 huffers
Is angry ith one or two people in particular insults entire neighborhood with obnoxious sign 0828e0
1.1 by 302 huffers
Remixes tweaks and builds upon ur work no attribution e7d209
1.0 by 270 huffers
Asks everyone for flight info still doesn t know their arrival times c83eb8
1.1 by 279 huffers
As tl he nevers hesitates to force respawn himself 95fd82
1.0 by 354 huffers
Thinks hes funny by making a meme page is really just a fat poser who thinks he is funny e6ba97
1.2 by 269 huffers
Borrows oasis cd never returns it 9cc03b
1.1 by 276 huffers
Reports you for token glitching wonders why he got reset in cod4 ccfff4
1.1 by 299 huffers
Buys boat shoes never goes on boat aaf5b3
1.1 by 267 huffers
Hears it s your 30th birthday 1st words damn you re old 768a4d
1.0 by 375 huffers
Complains about lack of burlington memes doesnt post any 3e35c2
1.0 by 294 huffers
Interview steve online ask about the lulz 8316f2
1.1 by 325 huffers
Presses he s friend into a bet of 100 lose the bet and say he was just joking 6e64a3
1.0 by 280 huffers
Ships dangerous goods no erap 184029
1.0 by 435 huffers
Walks past please wait to be seated sign to sit ask about the lulz ac06a9
1.0 by 285 huffers
Interview steve online ask about the lulz b5b01b
1.1 by 268 huffers
Hears someone say something funny says it louder d41d8c
1.1 by 259 huffers
Apply for nus medicine without straight as got rejected and blame government 151ba6
1.0 by 504 huffers
Knows how the community freaked out last time decides to turn it off during last guild war b273ba
1.0 by 271 huffers
Says he ll be ready to chill around 5 ignores you at 9 scumbag rich 79028d
1.1 by 274 huffers
Only works 8 hour shift complains about lack of sleep 554508
1.0 by 327 huffers