Sleeps in your bed while out of town gives you crabs f4144f
1.1 by 424 huffers
Washes growler for you throws cap away d41d8c
1.0 by 482 huffers
Ulisee miten asioita pitaisi muuttaa jattaa aanestamatta edarivaaleissa d4d566
1.0 by 424 huffers
Runs mouth challenging you to race stalls at the start 0cbb53
1.0 by 450 huffers
Hosts an insidiax leech tells everyone its unique 1ecd65
1.0 by 428 huffers
Watches first 10 seconds declares whole video lame 42fee7
1.0 by 443 huffers
Gives need more information as an answer choice really wants you to choose from the others instead 961efb
1.1 by 507 huffers
Cheers for green bay packers can t name a player
1.1 by 959 huffers
Says they ll be in everyday this week comes in from 12 3 monday a787bb
1.0 by 480 huffers
Offers to split the bill doesn t have any cash b13936
1.0 by 611 huffers
Sees you re sunburnt slaps you e677b6
1.0 by 459 huffers
Scumbag jesper gives back beer takes it 10min later f974ea
1.0 by 432 huffers
Offers you next day shipping 2 5 days for processing 2ab2a1
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Goes spec when team is losing still gg s 98dc71
1.0 by 830 huffers
Dates 50 year old slut with black kid calls him his step son ef88d6
1.0 by 802 huffers
Hey can i come never leaves dc3523
1.1 by 501 huffers
Talks about all the work he does doesnt do any of the actual work d41d8c
1.0 by 469 huffers
Va says it s for lovers outlaws gay marriage 125a36
1.0 by 722 huffers
Scumbag jovan says lets make a 1000000 works on private android game 8b8075
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Hey bro we re fair and balanced takes one sided stance 507a9c
1.0 by 1,166 huffers
Orders plain cheeseburger gets made that cheese is on it dd1262
1.0 by 433 huffers
Thanks everyone for saving his mother s life threatens to sue for the care she recirved 0072fe
1.0 by 533 huffers
Too cool for a backpack carries folder in back pocket 44e5f8
1.1 by 1,121 huffers
Clubhouse burned down and needs place to chill what are you up to faec82
1.1 by 450 huffers