Homeless stealing food playing world of warcraft 1af834
1.1 by 431 huffers
Watches avengers where s batman 74bf6d
1.0 by 451 huffers
Not a sushi fan too mainstream 6bdd00
1.0 by 472 huffers
Prefers something regional or local for dinner affraid of local neighborhoods 779fcc
1.0 by 429 huffers
Roomate loses keys makes sure doors are locked first time all year c93629
1.1 by 452 huffers
Here s our vm needs you weren t using those vcpus were you b5ce96
1.0 by 515 huffers
Practices being gangster 9e2e67
1.0 by 442 huffers
Says the word nigga in a convo after carefuly scoping the area a1abc3
1.1 by 607 huffers
Sleeps over at friends house gets up in the middle of night to play xbox c669d6
1.0 by 513 huffers
Promised to warn neighbors about next party didn t b870e6
1.0 by 424 huffers
Morning wood goes next door in a open robe to borrow coffee 9c24d7
1.0 by 568 huffers
Leaves energy drink in the fridge scumbag arthur drinks it 6b4ad8
1.0 by 439 huffers
He sends dick pics to his imaginary girlfriend ce228a
1.0 by 513 huffers
I m just resting my eyes falls asleep 302e3a
1.1 by 424 huffers
Calls you for a chop all i got is change yo 6832d1
1.1 by 426 huffers
Got a girl s name tattooed on his chest misspelled 8136c0
1.1 by 425 huffers
Interview steve online ask about the lulz 8bc210
1.1 by 431 huffers
Says pokemon games are all the same owns all cod games 6f88f5
1.1 by 432 huffers
Lurks in your driver side blind spot gives you the finger when you try to turn 8b656b
1.0 by 426 huffers
Payed wow longer than his friends completely muches of everyone c7f2bc
1.0 by 459 huffers
Yo bro can i borrow your n64 brings it back missing expansion pack 09669a
1.1 by 498 huffers
Cheers for boston red sox can t name a player 6de2f9
1.0 by 438 huffers
Wife enjoys watching his shows with him bitch s and complains when he has to watch hers cfaa08
1.0 by 499 huffers
Tackles guy who robbed a store takes the money and runs away bb0217
1.1 by 433 huffers