Yo dude go rent black ops 2 for me a41e69
1.2 by 263 huffers
Says he loves playing ping pong smashes the paddle every time he loses 61edbf
1.0 by 310 huffers
Orders pizza for delivery 59 cent tip 60b05b
1.2 by 263 huffers
Says it s 3 o clock at 3 16 e1857a
1.0 by 343 huffers
Http swmlvtyxldvi com spnhxy bavjlf com 7042c1
1.1 by 469 huffers
Set the t flag only preserves modification times for top level directories 7dde9c
1.1 by 262 huffers
Books production company thinks they will work for free 74896c
1.0 by 270 huffers
Promises to eat hat doesn t d559bd
1.0 by 285 huffers
Go to r starcraft use the word nerd as a insult fff32a
1.1 by 340 huffers
Is wigger favorite rapper is eminem because he is white 2cfad4
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Enter in a wal mart and buy nothing gains 10 pounds f20315
1.1 by 359 huffers
Dumps ashtray full of butts in the parking lot abe1fe
1.1 by 301 huffers
Scumbag dayna she s an ing scumbag 098237
1.1 by 315 huffers
Random partner for hw assignment i m out to smoke a j can u write my name on that 0f6d6a
1.1 by 318 huffers
Asks to bum 10 bucks for a pack buys a gram and offers a hit for a cig 3cec86
1.1 by 342 huffers
Paint is whack the hoes love velvet f58400
1.0 by 267 huffers
Stays overnight your towels are crusty the next morning 962d5c
1.1 by 282 huffers
Finally got job at wal mart can t pass drug test cae783
1.2 by 291 huffers
Inquires about good girl tells slightly slutty one you have a crush on her a67843
1.1 by 268 huffers
Request help in finding lsd for my birthday bails the night of for a concert 16652c
1.1 by 292 huffers
Says brb signs out of messenger fcbf5b
1.1 by 342 huffers
Steals your drugs spends an hour helping you look for them 28a13c
1.0 by 270 huffers
Throws down 5 for weed wants half of it f6f81b
1.1 by 278 huffers
Looks like bryan and he wearing a giants hat 7ae17e
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