If the doors are locked the windows are open 8c22aa
1.0 by 302 huffers
Client gives two month deadline sales guy tells him it ll be done in two weeks d93e5b
1.0 by 353 huffers
Says hes good at fifa rages and quits all the time 5c2b9e
1.0 by 309 huffers
Where you been 02e9de
1.1 by 296 huffers
Takes one driving lesson passes next month 47ec9b
1.1 by 306 huffers
Sexually harasses girls on facebook goes to the cops e83d1d
1.1 by 284 huffers
Watching a movie eats and chews so loud it bothers everybody c201ce
1.0 by 307 huffers
Ask you to spot him benching the bar 8c4577
1.0 by 335 huffers
Gets jumped still things hes big d8d100
1.0 by 338 huffers
Hey can i borrow 85 repays just in time for his own birthday 7dcb7a
1.0 by 381 huffers
Says he s out of shape runs circles around us at practice 6cf341
1.2 by 299 huffers
Creates an event wednesday 7493ca
1.0 by 316 huffers
Claims to have always appreciated black culture still has a whitechapel shirt in his closet ed0d57
1.2 by 341 huffers
Licks his plate in public ade627
1.0 by 335 huffers
Complains about time consuming nature of ib creates meme page on facebook 3a08cd
1.1 by 363 huffers
Says he runs capcity but still rides swayzi s dick b8596a
1.0 by 303 huffers
Shows up at chistopher s in a limousine e4f499
1.0 by 308 huffers
Walks in the bathroom with white cloths comes out saying there is no more toilet paper 9307fe
1.1 by 348 huffers
Doesn t order a drink drinks mine ca86a2
1.1 by 316 huffers
Bought a car later that day says he stoled and almost got shot 96d651
1.0 by 331 huffers
Doesn t understand memes doesn t understand memes bf7963
1.1 by 320 huffers
If pot is outlawed only criminals will have pot 5e9256
1.0 by 315 huffers
Has a great time with friend complains that room isnt clean afterward 4fb78c
1.0 by 303 huffers
Gets given 400 tv kicks off over 10 rod dad29b
1.1 by 313 huffers