Stole and crashed dad s custom 2013 corvette chill the eff out dude what s the big deal 6901ef
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Goes to mass first in line drinks it all f305a1
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Www macmakeuponsale com other makeup c 50 html www macmakeuponsale com other makeup c 50 html b1bb7a
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Goes to sporting event is consistently obnoxious and blows e cigarette in 4a656e
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Buzzed your girlfriend she dumped him for you 0ce751
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Prezzi hogan donna prezzi hogan donna 7d0992
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Gets off work to keep cars off road during storm drives 200 miles to ski resort c80736
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As smart as einstein studies the least for test gets average score 286774
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Says his boy has a hookup at the club that hookup is gladstone s credit card c0b1bc
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Says he s physic has never hit the lottery bc6387
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Travels thousands of miles his girlfriend sits on whatsapp sending pics of his trip 3de2f7
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Wanna hang out sorry i have plans c497fd
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Hey bra i m gonna go call some girls calls your little sister 041187
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Sa du hejjar pa hv71 ingen ar med pa tage i borgen 5eef33
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Eats free bagels coworker brought takes home leftover cream cheese 6a3546
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Matin ali esfandiari say he will visit georgia never comes back 5f4ea5
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I lost the money you gave me give me more 0d23fa
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Naw bro i cant hang too busy works 3 days a week 92bc66
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Texts will be there in 30min yesterday 5c44d1
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Criticises teammates for attitude misses training for carnage 74c7d7
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Yo imma pay you back when my album drops 9d03ff
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Over 1000 invoices in dbcapture makes meme pics all day 704cdb
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Packs bowl doesnt pick out seeds 2b9509
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Yeah i watched irreversible wish my life would go backwards 18be01
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