Says he will call when he gets in town never calls c00935
1.2 by 337 huffers
Create a scumbag steve macro give it 5 hats yourself 088196
1.2 by 337 huffers
Fitflops size 5 fitflops size 5 d87a9a
1.0 by 338 huffers
Posts about not watching games in game day thread 70084f
1.0 by 338 huffers
Granny flo loaned her coat aunt bea drew checks on cap with crayon 9ab899
1.0 by 338 huffers
Makes world class coffee beers still drinks starbucks ca5680
1.0 by 338 huffers
Tries to lessen grind new resource from alerts 9c973b
1.0 by 338 huffers
Dayjob dreams i hat them too 1ccbb9
1.0 by 338 huffers
Registers to vote at bernie rally votes for hillary 2e38cb
1.0 by 338 huffers
Tells you who to actually email doesn t cc them in to it 335199
1.0 by 338 huffers
Interview steve online ask about the lulz f95ed2
1.0 by 338 huffers
Has a craigslist ad for somebody s car cash only no title 6c6e85
1.0 by 338 huffers
Claim server has no whitelist there actually is 54504a
1.1 by 735 huffers
Buys car from tyler puts spark plugs in it 5158ec
1.0 by 338 huffers
Borrows your car gets arrested for speeding 48f9df
1.0 by 363 huffers
Gets invited to friend s suprise party event invites said friend 9ffaee
1.1 by 371 huffers
Asks permission to pick up your sister from a party eb2b99
1.0 by 438 huffers
Needs vendors 16fd5d
1.1 by 455 huffers
Asks to see review never gives it back 74d750
1.1 by 383 huffers
Says he s black white born in africa 04f3a6
1.1 by 400 huffers
Gets newspaper article written about him can t read e91746
1.1 by 343 huffers
Makes people laugh becomes a halloween costume 00a52e
1.1 by 395 huffers
Lowest elo in ranked insta calls mid 3f9952
1.1 by 342 huffers
Needs coat from union cloakroom stands by the side of the queue instead of in it 1e05ef
1.1 by 409 huffers