Asked me for my knowledge i didn t care asked for weed b9495d
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Tells you to play draw something takes forever to go 9bb756
1.1 by 420 huffers
No smoking sign badass
1.1 by 577 huffers
Hey can i play on your minecraft worlds deleted
1.1 by 574 huffers
Dates a 15 year old girl he 0f1b2a
1.1 by 577 huffers
Regulus de leo he thinks he makes sense 7f73ec
1.1 by 495 huffers
Says he ll call u back never calls u back 49c9aa
1.1 by 418 huffers
Scumbag brother cancels brothers cruise builds a new gaming computer and goes camping 8fe01d
1.0 by 565 huffers
Scumbag vorhauer likes a video game bitches until you buy it 9efb77
1.0 by 424 huffers
Tell him i have to poop forces my clothes off and fucks me anyways 979e55
1.0 by 561 huffers
If the doors are locked the windows are open 8c22aa
1.0 by 446 huffers
Blames you for smoking while he is eating farts when you does 501175
1.0 by 551 huffers
Robbed his own liquor store and broke into his house with adt 6f6fe8
1.0 by 517 huffers
Silk touches spawners lags server with a 100x grinder 00b9f7
1.0 by 441 huffers
Waiter says everything is for free orders the most expensive food available 8fc86e
1.0 by 442 huffers
Best friend jessie gets a new girl wants to make her his own 0cab57
1.0 by 513 huffers
All cod games are the same why is the new halo so different 5d2106
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Banned from the mall high school parking lot too 25970c
1.0 by 565 huffers
Hey can i borrow your um ran out of lies 4ddb58
1.0 by 434 huffers
Steve can you please take your shoes off inside nah thats alright 1e87e9
1.0 by 454 huffers
Bro can i bum a smoke or two thx got a light steals lighter then wants another cigarette da354e
1.0 by 445 huffers
Receives award for excellence too busy to finish out job 02b30e
1.0 by 730 huffers
Gaat op groepsweekend al marginaal genoeg op zichzelf 8dcd5d
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Asks friend if he comes inside refuses to answer basic questions about his girl 81c7fc
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