Posts in bf c ot complains about servers 33a335
1.1 by 522 huffers
Completes university degree doesn t pay hecs 386b76
1.1 by 386 huffers
Has 5 computers plays doom on all of them 6f51b4
1.1 by 421 huffers
Blank macro
1.1 by 588 huffers
Nick how old are you stash 25 under breath arsehole fdcb1f
1.1 by 341 huffers
Reposts the kony video can t locate uganda on a map d556f2
1.1 by 648 huffers
Losing in madden turns off console 84d5fd
1.0 by 724 huffers
Leaves for spring break leaves all his dirty dishes bb5b8c
1.1 by 473 huffers
5k word assignment on topic due monday on course material not covered for weeks 454d44
1.1 by 325 huffers
Buys car never services it and runs it into the ground 984f3c
1.1 by 324 huffers
Everyone has finals decides to play penis game 5c85b6
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No bro it s spelled autonamy 0b90ee
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Is veteran 9gagger with access to vote page likes all the reposts 999099
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Says he wants to chill later tnight shows up 10 min later 87e420
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Anchi says new items are easy leaves the country 5ffa6a
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Stays up all night working on paper writes one paragraph swag 0b3389
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I want to take you out to dinner doesn t pay 85df90
1.1 by 663 huffers
Always has a story cooler than yours 5e3b0d
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Listens to rock 103 boston rulz c57a66
1.1 by 473 huffers
Has sex with mom doesn t let you okay minecraft 1caf8d
1.1 by 929 huffers
Takes strap off dunk mid puts straps on janoski b6bb37
1.1 by 693 huffers
Complain about women going for dumb jocks go watch porn with dumb blondes 31cb06
1.1 by 890 huffers
Prank goes wrong still laughs faa2fb
1.2 by 325 huffers
Scumbag guinsoo completely ignores wards 221420
1.1 by 853 huffers