Is 21 yrs old with no job or education spends all day on xbox df0d73
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Duuuuuuuude where s your fire extinguisher 54c17d
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Says he has got a knife dies 62fda2
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Funnyjunkers leave 13 comments get only 5 thumbs 666d90
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Says his piss is clean you go to jail 129362
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Takes picture has better duck lips than the girls c53d24
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Too cool for community college 7f25c6
1.2 by 318 huffers
Borrow 50 dollars never pays you back 7c6fbe
1.1 by 320 huffers
Bro can i use your bathroom yo someone clogged your toilet 2a8e25
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Studio conceal and correct palette medium deep studio conceal and correct palette medium deep 7efaf2
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Do i know you yes because you always be stalkin me 3eaa94
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I don t want this hot chicken anymore i ll just put it down on the strawberry display b47266
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Goes to kindergarten graduation spikes punch b0057c
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Send kirby 10 invites joins other team kills you 20 times dd0044
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Goes to a party without liquor drinks more then everyone else a65030
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Wears lakers jersey never watched basketball
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Explains in person posts on fb anyway 827fab
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Asks you to let him see your essay tells professor you are a plagiarist bfaf0a
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Cuts self shaving says it was a knife fight
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Wants to deposit a check into your account it s a you may have just won 5000 check 9f75a1
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Invites you over gives you sars 3315fb
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Scared of time out got that too much in special ed a2a3e6
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Doesn t chip in with friends for pizza take out eats friends leftovers 9afca5
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Says he ll fix doorknob falls asleep instead 1c0414
1.2 by 287 huffers