Notices i fell asleep during the second film immediately plays the third 291e0f
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Te ofrece pega con un cupo le ofrece la misma a otros weones 76009a
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Mongols mc accepts any race nigger nigger spic nigger 0c8f93
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Scumbag religion makes up shit and states it as a fact d9621c
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Interview steve online ask about the lulz 2d1a80
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Posts in on 556 in u laugh u lose thread doesn t even post anything funny 358315
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Shows up drunk at prom and pukes on date gets none 8b4760
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Hates mainstream music steals fluffer nutter from fild illegner bunt b27bc6
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Makes scumbag steve comic fails to realize irony in mocking scumbag steve b21414
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Pick a number not that one d71c01
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Travels to poor countries for the cheap hookers e58add
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Sees coach walking into practice tells team to shut up and carries his bag eab7de
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Thanks for the invite to p p scumbag i can t go i have nothing to do today 047b0b
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Sees a post on his wall takes days to respond 324c59
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Watched uncharted 4 trailer says it won t be that good 3c34cc
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It happens all the time names one instance 593d80
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Hey bro can i chill in your room for a bit plays call of duty til 5 am 8a1cb7
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Smells like a funeral home 8364b1
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Hears about the limited edition pikachu 3ds buys every one at the store 8dde1b
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Pretty fly for a white guy only 15 years late 781bce
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Oakley bottlecap lenses oakley bottlecap lenses 6bd46c
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Wishes kelly happy birthday with a scumbag steve meme 8360a4
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Calls role players fags cries when insulted d51b67
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Takes tier shoulders nah gonna play priest e84c4b
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