Makes weird sound in mbl blames you for dat shit 531853
1.1 by 321 huffers
Does not like the other s post re share on his own timeline 8d4d8a
1.1 by 365 huffers
Steals your t shirt says its his own d41d8c
1.2 by 308 huffers
Oh hey man i like your new facebook banner tags you in picture of his bong
1.1 by 610 huffers
Shotguns a beer spits it out ec3bc4
1.1 by 1,378 huffers
Tells you to get your billable hours up whores you out for presales 6d4436
1.1 by 448 huffers
Posts unique fetish porn doesn t use imgur aeb8aa
1.0 by 311 huffers
Feels morally superior for not glitching beats a hooker to death with a crowbar d72dd7
1.1 by 299 huffers
Does laundry on sunday leaves clothes in dryer 53a14a
1.1 by 391 huffers
Complains about notifications posts in a page giving everyone more notifications 6da09c
1.0 by 337 huffers
Dates 50 year old slut with black kid calls him his step son ef88d6
1.1 by 567 huffers
If i ever get a girl pregnant i ll just say its not mine see ya e0d0e0
1.1 by 303 huffers
Says he s gonna help you move doesn t d41d8c
1.0 by 300 huffers
Fer a fish chips sta fr ser supu 07f836
1.0 by 395 huffers
Offers 30 for gas in exchange for a ride i only put 25 in because your car takes premium 2deb31
1.1 by 344 huffers
Pops pills and smokes weed while on welfare complains about how the government has screwed him bde01c
1.2 by 312 huffers
Trololololol lololol a1e8a4
1.1 by 384 huffers
Takes dump in library washroom too much pride to pull handle 945ef9
1.1 by 301 huffers
Throws up in your bed covers it with 400 suit 061fae
1.1 by 292 huffers
Thinks he owns his own business sells vacuums a63802
1.0 by 334 huffers
Dude im in chi town wait no i don t have your game 37467a
1.1 by 307 huffers
Tries to freestyle stuck on second word 451682
1.0 by 307 huffers
Claims to hate jersey only hangs out with jersey guys 3d90b2
1.1 by 293 huffers
Says he wants to catch up with bros doesn t respond to facebook messages a8a591
1.1 by 307 huffers