Says he ll be in the baby s life now has 2 kids he don t take care of e5a123
1.0 by 313 huffers
Dads a doctor or lawyer bro can i give you 50 cents for a cig bb69b6
1.1 by 289 huffers
Has problems with jeremy boyer makes unfunny memes about it f8d1e5
1.0 by 297 huffers
Te ofrece ayuda para el nuevo blog le pides algo y te dice que lo hagas tu 78e5e1
1.1 by 345 huffers
Uses same password every day this might be it cec852
1.1 by 276 huffers
9 for skyrim i ll bust a cap in your ass removed by mall security 1cb78c
1.1 by 336 huffers
Goes to smooth jazz concert tries to start a mosh pit e9ae0d
1.0 by 335 huffers
Hey bro can i come over shows up with 30 randoms 110fb8
1.0 by 306 huffers
Claims to be too bus to write a cover letter has time to leave work to get beer cf9794
1.0 by 273 huffers
Calls you at 7 am i need a ride to work bro 54aebf
1.0 by 298 huffers
Sees a missing person poster calls the number to tell them he hasn t seen them d5540a
1.0 by 323 huffers
Lets you waterfall his drink tilts the bottle so it spills all over you 17ca8f
1.0 by 313 huffers
Steals his moms xanax pills from her purse sells them back to her when she needs them 99cdfb
1.0 by 343 huffers
Plays battleship moves ship to avoid being hit 5ed140
1.0 by 371 huffers
Yo bro lemme sign your yearbook draws a penis 7236c6
1.0 by 334 huffers
Claims to be a black belt and a master of karate watched a female self defence class one time c23e3a
1.0 by 291 huffers
Never posts own jokes complains about no original content 25aa75
1.1 by 360 huffers
Comes over to watch a 3d movie steals the glasses 14d0ff
1.0 by 278 huffers
Only plays nuketown uses motion sensor and hides in the house 64049f
1.1 by 315 huffers
Big miami heat fan since 2012 052646
1.1 by 274 huffers
Hates bronies he watches episodes in disguise b746a3
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Siger til klassen at de skal betale 550 for krsel bruger pengene pa ny computer 81df29
1.1 by 305 huffers
Rents from redbox returns blank cd 296a62
1.0 by 281 huffers
Tells poster not to directly attack someone directly attacks poster in very next sentence 49bd9d
1.1 by 300 huffers