Spaccio woolrich cikgwix gmail com 2422c7
1.0 by 416 huffers
Buys boat shoes never goes on boat aaf5b3
1.1 by 376 huffers
Sure dude send me an email never replies 268985
1.1 by 451 huffers
His best friends wife has a baby boy guilty culprit e48d5f
1.0 by 593 huffers
Creates uni meme page none are funny b7ec21
1.1 by 366 huffers
Calls rona obsessive obsessed with rona 816bdd
1.1 by 369 huffers
Washes clothes doesn t have detergent 97dc70
1.1 by 372 huffers
Eats cheetoes wipes cheese on your couch e450fc
1.1 by 395 huffers
Hey girl does this rag smell like chloroform to you c8317d
1.1 by 665 huffers
Does body for life doesn t make john jealous 659a3a
1.0 by 443 huffers
Uses your bathroom and doesn t wash hands reaches in your ice bin aae7dc
1.0 by 446 huffers
Reduces services by 20 still taxes you 100 cf3f24
1.0 by 369 huffers
Uses flutterboard in the middle of the fast lane is slow acdc59
1.0 by 387 huffers
Is for gun control threatens to bust a cap d9c17f
1.0 by 431 huffers
Needs 2 factory clip to fix shifter spends 2 on a bag of zipties instead 243361
1.0 by 380 huffers
Dubs student section the gold mine no gold on jerseys 0a1249
1.0 by 384 huffers
Hogan ballerine con zeppa 113352 hogan ballerine con zeppa 113352 cafd4e
1.0 by 397 huffers
Granny shifting not double clutching like he should 3f6738
1.0 by 476 huffers
Bus stops for him walks to it cc8c96
1.0 by 450 huffers
Says he mastered physics googled every problem 8fbc9d
1.1 by 538 huffers
Polarized ray ban wayfarer polarized ray ban wayfarer 7ae3c2
1.0 by 435 huffers
Goes out with 600 in his pocket wakes up with 1 bill 73b06b
1.0 by 437 huffers
Deploys for 2 months complains how rough it is to be home 854449
1.0 by 397 huffers
Invites you over to drink asks you to bring beer 302103
1.0 by 368 huffers