Last week pa na j o ngayon lang nagpamedical bd0c80
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He s one of your good friends and hits on your girlfriend every night 8c5255
1.1 by 257 huffers
Sees that your hands are full i need you to take this usb back now c76019
1.0 by 261 huffers
Asks to play a game has to clean windows 69251e
1.1 by 300 huffers
Pokes stepmom blackmails her 64e2cf
1.0 by 312 huffers
Expelled two years ago still hangs around parking lot
1.2 by 1,159 huffers
Yo i got next round puts everything on your tab 610b7e
1.1 by 271 huffers
Valiton siivouspalvelu vois menna paskalle 42222d
1.1 by 279 huffers
As tl he nevers hesitates to force respawn himself 95fd82
1.0 by 338 huffers
Offers you his map was just kidding b75dc5
1.0 by 261 huffers
Claims to smoke weed insults everyone who smokes weed fdf6c8
1.1 by 273 huffers
Borrows money from friend says he ll pay back after mixtape drops 91726c
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Comes in without knocking mind if i come in 5f39ba
1.2 by 293 huffers
Talks about being in your future leaves ccb427
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Calls it open enrollment doesn t give you a choice c7e23f
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Writes a joke puts the punchline in the title f8e117
1.1 by 289 huffers
Brags about promotion works at walmart cd2bc0
1.0 by 270 huffers
Oh since you re here i have a present for you hands you back the cell phone you loaned him 2890a3
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Regulus de leo ll m tax lse resident scholar vaughan academy 5287a0
1.2 by 279 huffers
Needs money sells drugs at school 4e2480
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Uses your computer changes your background to gay porn 123f67
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Owns 12 pairs of air jordans unable to dribble basketball 9f6e28
1.1 by 261 huffers
Tells you he s not hungry raids your fridge then rapes your mother and sist 49d20d
1.0 by 314 huffers
Girlfriend is in labor plays candy crush the entire time 0f0324
1.0 by 294 huffers