Price in dollars pay in euros bc69b2
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Searches for story to write gets info from crackride b40af1
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Holds door open doesn t say thanks b5d1f7
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Post portrait of myself on innerwebz scares the shit out of mdbx fbd6bd
1.2 by 336 huffers
Says one beer only vomits on your lap 1d1a55
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Owns 12 pairs of air jordans unable to dribble basketball 9f6e28
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Replies to your post totally agree doesn t upvote it 61d6b9
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Knows brother was making a funny face on purpose posts pic to facebook anyway f8f43e
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Needs vendors 16fd5d
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My name is felix shows you old pix 54a94d
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Create a scumbag steve macro give it 5 hats yourself 088196
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Walked up to madcow and says this is my house 097b06
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Ay bro lemme get a swisher d41d8c
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Forecloses on parents property hooks up with daughter 4de165
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Gets new toys at work takes them home then calls in sick d11840
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Adds friend to contact list on gtaforums sivispacem 2137e9
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Says he took herione in middle school he took herione in middle school 3d9d9f
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Tea party are scum for holding out pokes fun when they end the shutdown cb2445
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I ll tear you a new asshole bitch i have the worlds smallest penis l 3bb7e4
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Demands to be included in group work does a piss poor job 41e028
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Aidan clarke is fat 680ab5
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Make memes of previous poster posts about torment anyway 9ad8f0
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Doesn t smoke weed unless it s yours b17570
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Joins an atheist group asks if you believe in god 057851
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