Come on dog voot and i are tight 96ada1
1.1 by 361 huffers
Gets bonus money at work payroll takes it away cc8556
1.1 by 388 huffers
Can i borrow your pen bro he chews on it 6ce4bf
1.0 by 369 huffers
Pulls the fire alarm first day of school 715405
1.1 by 395 huffers
Asks to see rare book takes notes in the margins in pen 1fa118
1.1 by 351 huffers
Complains about ice water challenge nomination nominates friends for ice water challenge 30c370
1.0 by 374 huffers
Hates asians drives honda civic e871e6
1.1 by 385 huffers
Keeps boosting players complaining for noobs 7b2c2c
1.0 by 356 huffers
Le pides que traiga cerveza a la fiesta trae cruzcampo y se bebe la duvel 9f1266
1.0 by 431 huffers
Gets caught stealing crys at your workplace ab93f9
1.1 by 410 huffers
Vouch as a good guy to friends skums you in your own house f8f66c
1.1 by 416 huffers
Dh creates thread replies to it 3211be
1.1 by 418 huffers
Moves out of the flat takes wifi equipment with him c4409d
1.0 by 362 huffers
Let me know if it hurts i ll stop ok what s that it burt it turk work shut up bitch 854300
1.1 by 353 huffers
You re asleep after a 12hr shift slams drawers and doors at midnight 3bf508
1.0 by 353 huffers
Listens to eminem i m gangster bruh 7c8792
1.1 by 385 huffers
Wants to buy drugs from dealer forgets wallet at home de7e6f
1.0 by 379 huffers
Bro can i use your computer find pornhub bookmarked in your browser fbb8a4
1.1 by 943 huffers
Lol you recited yasin wrong b0f709
1.1 by 338 huffers
Claim server has no whitelist there actually is 54504a
1.1 by 733 huffers
Koupil toyotu v praci nema na cem tisknout 7e5df1
1.1 by 389 huffers
Claims to be a great gm will not wait for players to develop 132b57
1.1 by 405 huffers
You smoke him up leaves and calls cops 71534a
1.2 by 342 huffers
Dude i am the bowl king gets paranoid when high 726830
1.0 by 342 huffers