Says your gf is ugly then f b829d6
1.0 by 533 huffers
Says he has mad bitches has no bitches aacabf
1.1 by 457 huffers
Cheats on finals fails fecf08
1.0 by 469 huffers
Friend is drunk punches him in face db7e9c
1.1 by 456 huffers
Asked you for carfax on your ex girlfriend 1dda4b
1.0 by 458 huffers
Didnt text my friend happ birthday not my fault he didnt remind me 61d9c3
1.1 by 582 huffers
Has a fan base insults them all 5501da
1.0 by 541 huffers
Says he s a kid from the 90 s born in 1996 98ef80
1.1 by 455 huffers
Sees homeless man collecting aluminum cans steals cans 051661
1.1 by 455 huffers
Is sad for betraying carlo keeps hanging out with laura behind his back 7207b9
1.1 by 482 huffers
Sign up for chaos theory rp don t visit it for 4 years b8f69c
1.0 by 455 huffers
Can t afford a kens fried chicken steals from chutney f2e07b
1.1 by 583 huffers
Blatently farts says excuse me b4580e
1.0 by 469 huffers
Goes to westview alone at dinner time sits in a booth 319c69
1.1 by 496 huffers
Gets 2 for 15 asks 4 people to put down 5 be182d
1.1 by 583 huffers
Does not like the other s post re share on his own timeline 8d4d8a
1.1 by 534 huffers
Step outside to sign for my passport don t see why not a0d10e
1.0 by 455 huffers
Hey bra who s sandwich was that on the counter it was hella good f4d171
1.1 by 572 huffers
Has docs since tuesday sends 2 hours before the meeting 984e7b
1.0 by 464 huffers
Borrows lighter pocket 555b3b
1.0 by 456 huffers
Nicknames himself d money still gets called donald 14e0cb
1.1 by 476 huffers
Has three kids from four women 3c3a24
1.1 by 474 huffers
Interview steve online ask about the lulz be4a23
1.0 by 513 huffers
Called out on warcrimes gets butthurt over harsh words 50afe8
1.1 by 583 huffers