Knows you re busy at work sends gif and pics anywa knows you have day off no gifs or pics a9860c
1.0 by 463 huffers
Dude can i borrow ur lyfe b95370
1.0 by 460 huffers
Friendzoned by horney samus ee4811
1.0 by 533 huffers
Everything is for free orders the most expensive food available 057615
1.0 by 441 huffers
Applies for nasa droped out at 4th grade 2f2c01
1.0 by 479 huffers
Everybody is having fun imagine if we all died 6a0004
1.0 by 476 huffers
Notice neighbor gaining weight again lulz 615b4d
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Http cuilbxsmgeyk com bworwd ikxjgy com a73f01
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Respond quickly to reddit post to get karma completely unrelated to op 35280a
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Orders t shirt online in xxxl 906288
1.1 by 419 huffers
Asks to borrow your phone has a 3 hour talk with his brah in hawaii 248ed9
1.1 by 425 huffers
Goes to kindergarten graduation spikes punch b0057c
1.1 by 492 huffers
Get wit 13 year old thay call it rape 1dfbca
1.1 by 468 huffers
Collected cash for the homeless used it to find a new place she kicked him out aa98d0
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Tells you he ll be more with you as soon as i get back from the guys 6469a1
1.0 by 461 huffers
I ll pay you back someday ef989a
1.0 by 525 huffers
I love zyzz whos chestbrah 1bd1c0
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Offer gets declined insults you for curiously declining 9374df
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Cuts in front of crowd takes the last spot on the bus 5cb2d0
1.1 by 418 huffers
Makes fun of knicks for losing bobcats fan b3353a
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Dates fat girl don t want to be seen with her 929672
1.0 by 550 huffers
Will repeat cardiology u will 2 1a2816
1.1 by 476 huffers
Plays league of legends all day doen t take care of his dog cbc317
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Finds shiny pokemon on your ds kills it e6c9cc
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