Favorite food pizza and candy 45fffa
1.1 by 383 huffers
Takes girlfriend on date says he can t pay the bills dde728
1.1 by 378 huffers
Blank macro
1.1 by 538 huffers
Says his going to bed stays online 5d3fcd
1.1 by 338 huffers
Uses guild vent has a blast doesn t help out 8fb495
1.1 by 322 huffers
Shows up to a party uninvited drops an upper decker in your bathroom b030eb
1.1 by 476 huffers
Talk trash about apple all day first to buy lion 81dbf7
1.1 by 470 huffers
Yo sum one stole your dvd player i will sell you one just like it d652f7
1.1 by 377 huffers
Pushes elelator button doesn t even get off 3fe35e
1.1 by 397 huffers
Refuse to go to city with boyfriend go with mum 9e2a1b
1.1 by 338 huffers
Accepts your g invite doesn t add you to his circles b8befc
1.1 by 329 huffers
Goes to world beer capital for 2 weeks i ll just have water please e2529c
1.1 by 325 huffers
Not invited to party comes anyway a1d72b
1.1 by 325 huffers
Ggg gets dubs steal away the attention 2b0d04
1.1 by 473 huffers
Makes fun of geeks plays wow 6 hours a day 096813
1.1 by 371 huffers
Yo bro ima get rich or die tryin dies tryin dda95d
1.1 by 356 huffers
Invites friends to a facebook event expects everyone else to actually make it happen 64c652
1.1 by 329 huffers
Finishes toilet paper roll doesn t replace e74800
1.2 by 325 huffers
Says top plays will be after the break top plays not for 3 more commercial breaks ed576d
1.1 by 325 huffers
Asks to use your bathroom pisses on seat doesn t wipe off 547b57
1.0 by 409 huffers
Changes name to steve to get out of moving fridge 078897
1.1 by 389 huffers
Hands crunchy chips to co worker puts on headphones f76694
1.0 by 325 huffers
Goes to party expecting to get fucked up has no money weed or alcohol ab4690
1.0 by 344 huffers
Tells you that being catholic is stupid what are you getting me for christmas 7620a6
1.1 by 477 huffers