Saw you once calls you bro 9c6cb5
1.1 by 432 huffers
Offer gets declined insults you for curiously declining 9374df
1.0 by 421 huffers
Nike free online nike free online 8a5cb2
1.0 by 406 huffers
Says he ll change d c sells out first day 4d64d4
1.1 by 401 huffers
Spills coffee on your personal stuff blames you for having personal stuff ff5895
1.0 by 381 huffers
Mac makeup coupon code up 60 off 30 days return p mac makeup coupon code up 60 off 30 days return p 4a3ed0
1.0 by 431 huffers
Keeps making this shit i fucking hate you 834e27
1.0 by 369 huffers
Doesnt even celebrates christmas makes gf feel guilty for not coming over a9fdc4
1.0 by 409 huffers
Knew it had problems in dev pushed to prod anyway 3839f0
1.0 by 507 huffers
Says others will do or say anything makes point based on a 5 year old buying a gun e46616
1.1 by 345 huffers
Let s celebrate christmas doesnt even celebrate christmas cf4a4a
1.0 by 364 huffers
Only one who doesn t smoke weed still expects you to save your joint until later 9862d5
1.0 by 365 huffers
Let s celebrate christmas left hunger f2d650
1.0 by 371 huffers
Continually asked to play bf4 plays gtav ff5587
1.0 by 384 huffers
Gets a guitar strap sits down to play with the rest of the band b2da63
1.0 by 374 huffers
Acts like ggg for an entire day posts rage comic about how great he actually is 87e51a
1.1 by 402 huffers
Se va de vacaciones al sur 15 dias no trae regalos a nadie 4e276b
1.0 by 350 huffers
Practically begs for eu servers still plays on us servers a003dd
1.0 by 603 huffers
Says he ll go to the store with you he doesn t 92be49
1.0 by 432 huffers
Weekend morning after a few drinks wakes you up to show you pics of puppies fd684a
1.0 by 356 huffers
Uses your laptop busts it with laptop abuse doesn t get it fixed af14c0
1.1 by 364 huffers
Found meme generator didn t sleep for 34 days 516bef
1.0 by 422 huffers
I once told my friend that if i had another friend it wouldn t be him 0e0fc4
1.0 by 370 huffers
Most interested in cancelling test doesn t read the answer 3ba357
1.0 by 444 huffers