Scumbag department claims they re poor gets all the things 8a42bf
1.3 by 108 huffers
Sees company emails replies to all 7fa75b
1.2 by 145 huffers
Diga lo que diga no me representa 8ecea2
1.5 by 84 huffers
Gets a 2nd computer for work puts the same incompatible os on it f157b0
1.1 by 121 huffers
She agreed to a donkey punch she thought he was offering her a drink 2d1adc
1.2 by 121 huffers
Invited to movie brings two niggers 60dc5e
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Bro can i get a fry takes handful
1.2 by 642 huffers
10 million in amenities forgets to mention you re in a flood plane dbeb08
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Makes cheezy sublime rip off labels it a hit fb6635
1.0 by 154 huffers
Takes ev website down for patch makes memes instead 127e1c
1.2 by 147 huffers
Says he loves bisco mirros pro shot every night before bed 5d2a32
1.2 by 367 huffers
Gives you notes doesnt send nudes 325192
1.1 by 158 huffers
Asks for and gets permaban reversed immediately starts shitposting 77d907
1.0 by 105 huffers
Comes on mustang forum and talks shit says he wants a honda 245eb2
1.0 by 179 huffers
Wants you to adhere to the nap by force e09353
1.0 by 95 huffers
Asks you to design ad asap doesn t have a contract client doesn t run bfe2a9
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At a funeral tells you the funniest joke you ever heard 658f32
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Puts up poster last minute wins the election 0e0616
1.3 by 99 huffers
Says he quit chewing but just stopped buying his own dd1b3d
1.1 by 157 huffers
Makes fun of non combat mos s is scared of stray dogs 603dc3
1.0 by 177 huffers
Wears condoms as see through beenies a23f75
1.1 by 88 huffers
Plays black ops ii online uses 24 hour clock 5b6284
1.1 by 119 huffers
Let s his friend stamp on his broken laptop purposely and then ask s him for the money 3f40bf
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You don t want me to send you one letter texts here have 2 letters 5dde7f
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