Missing and put on milk cartons milk goes out of buisness c8dbdb
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Uses ggg to mock redditors buying upvotes real intention is karma whoring b0b0a6
1.1 by 457 huffers
Craps his pants on your couch asks you to get some water leaves ce7f68
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First day of jon s no fap links twistys account b0079f
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Big rg3 fan since yesterday 372693
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Says he ll make reservations never does a8f14e
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Saves tobacco from swisher smokes in bong d808c1
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Borrows alex s jacket and gets it stolen doesnt even try to get it back 532b52
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Extra three hours to get to school still late 0cfdab
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Open sources all code obfuscates it first 4b858d
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Asks to use your phone gets his sweaty fucking head all over it 675efb
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Plays tryndamere in league goes 0 15 37787f
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Simply fabulous eb62b4
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Claims well known swp member is a rapist closes thread down 1d08da
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Goes to party wakes up and drinks all the leftover beer cans 46f08a
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Can t get 6 players for bfb final fields main lineup for one day cup 392dea
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Sold you a 30 dollar beta account doesnt give a single fuck b91c11
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Says redditors should decide what they want to see gets pissed when hes downvoted 5688bc
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Comes at kindergarden playground hey bros wanna learn how to milk a dog 5c0bc6
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Spams classic auto insurance blogs from an internet cafe in istanbul b26eac
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Goes to washington to protest war wages war with press police and small children 14725f
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Can i use your bathroom bro toilet clogged 3e0a3f
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Only end pieces of bread in bag opens new bag 8ba625
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Cuts to the front of the lunch queue takes last pizza 2f71a4
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