I was chatting to your sister what you do not know is that i raped her 5a448e
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7 hours fasting before training and underweight hit record power output for 5min 1min and 5sec c9a305
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Criticize your opponent for offering no details offers no details baea1d
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Perfect candidate doesn t have i d a00973
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Donkey punch got butthurt 60abee
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Claims to be a fan of journey only knows don t stop believing 3329bc
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I m not getting involved in your drama is the one who spread rumours in the first place ce7b8b
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Next round of shots is on me they dont take cards at mas can you spot me bro e48a02
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Trap  jesus 9732f2
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You guys remember when we played spin the bottle yeah i had herpes lullllzzzzzzz ff3612
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Went to oregon thinks he went to harvard 813e5b
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Reddit lazy rule 8 slides or more stuff it 2e06fa
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Der thread hat fur ihn keinen unterhaltungswert postet mehrfach taglich in ihm 2d2313
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Piques interest with electronic images pulls away mobile device at last second cfadfa
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Yoo you like my hat checkout ebay item 140882247286 ae7f69
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Protests the koala newspaper checks personals monthly to see if he s mentioned ab480a
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Goes to a funeral steals pen from sign in book 46649a
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Vidi snajper na 2 kilometra ne vidi zavoj na 2 metra 13d9bf
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Uses internet explorer visits hurr durr e3e9db
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Hey bro can i get a buddy pass beats off on plane gets you fired 3cc786
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Asks to bum a cigarette offers fitty cent 8afb31
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Walks into bathroom pisses in shower fb23a7
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Studies instead of going out gets fomo a8e441
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Drinks arizona can from paper bag says its a 40 053d65
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