Just snagged all this fresh gear from marshalls ballin 4d3725
1.0 by 461 huffers
Pledges money to haiti for rebuilding never pays up 3373ae
1.1 by 1,015 huffers
Has beard 11 months out of the year shaves it for noshavenovember 52e661
1.0 by 456 huffers
In pearsons lab before 11 15am talks 5d28ea
1.1 by 386 huffers
Fights old woman for last bottle of lotion what does she need lotion for e6266d
1.1 by 392 huffers
Interview steve online ask about the lulz 103c69
1.0 by 438 huffers
Finds an awesome drawing online posts a mean comment 45ea1d
1.1 by 384 huffers
Marah wallach has more swag online then at amity middle school 31bc5a
1.1 by 382 huffers
Submits two week notice to boss immediately goes on sick leave 69e1ce
1.1 by 419 huffers
Sees you outside b hall waiting doesn t open door 72566c
1.1 by 396 huffers
Get s sev 1 goes back to bed 039f8a
1.1 by 397 huffers
Searches for story to write gets info from crackride b40af1
1.1 by 397 huffers
94 civic coupe only dates freshman 731b63
1.1 by 428 huffers
Corrects grammar your wrong 9631b3
1.2 by 417 huffers
Yo steve go put my car in the garage takes a joy ride to his friends house 9ac82d
1.1 by 477 huffers
Rants about linux as an inferior windows gets a mac b5e9ad
1.0 by 385 huffers
Gets denied bank loan beats dog 96c73e
1.1 by 439 huffers
Calls you on phone ksdfsdf b9ac75
1.1 by 397 huffers
Happy mother s day mom sits on computer in pajamas all day 3c4966
1.1 by 396 huffers
Eats hot pocket leaves box in the fridge 24604b
1.1 by 1,080 huffers
Plays nba 2k12 chooses 95 96 bulls 410eea
1.1 by 394 huffers
Suggests canceling contract to request unlock doesn t allow unlock until bill comes in a month c5cd06
1.0 by 408 huffers
Gets everyone hooked on memes resigns 2aa39f
1.1 by 422 huffers
Doesn t have permission to marry that girl calls father rude and marries her anyway 80b51d
1.0 by 606 huffers