Pulls up porn on your brand new laptop gets you a virus computer crashes 032616
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Criticises teammates for attitude misses training for carnage 74c7d7
1.0 by 483 huffers
Buys 100s doesn t smoke the whole cigarette 8ae18d
1.1 by 508 huffers
Mac eyeshadow smoke and diamonds iafbw mac eyeshadow smoke and diamonds iafbw 48854b
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Becomes a gs gets banned aa2547
1.0 by 516 huffers
Loses in badminton to his gf won t admit it ac55e4
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Iti spune sa nu te apuci de metin joaca lol non stop 68f973
1.0 by 522 huffers
Hurricane promises to come over never shows up c8eb1e
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What do i do besides hold this l 570a33
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Goes to riot fest ask where the dubstep stage is f1a7eb
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Got a macbook pro installed ubuntu on it d325ef
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Recommends his favourite escape room only 4 d 016600
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Interview steve online ask about the lulz 31a07c
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Can t duo running 10 bots duo s with jj for 10 games 8d737c
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I hate fake people and drama still talks to high school kids 6798cc
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Pays you back in pennies 8e311c
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Offers a free gift abuses you c93453
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I know my hardcore rap yo soulja boy 7ed068
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Bro i meant to tell you about that a714bc
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Eats your toaster strudel uses two frosting packets a33102
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Sees guy with bigger physique than him he takes steroids 5b9124
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Knows the difference between you re and your uses your anyways 685a28
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Deletes twitter cuz it sucks makes a new one scumbag jacob f65f16
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Receives award for excellence too busy to finish out job 02b30e
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