Messages you on skype dissapears 683e8e
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Mouse has 13 buttons doesn t use any 717931
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Can t practice for upcoming dance still doing it cef355
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Covers your shift calls in sick 5a3d8d
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Comes to your party ipod stolen 481b6f
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Stepfather dies ransacks house arranges funeral before his biological kids arrive ee67d2
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Sign s contracts to use this picture on this page wines to friend due to the increased bad publicity 01d63f
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Acts homophobic around his homies fucked the tranny in first year eaabe5
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Want these mdma pills dad s heart medication 4cc42b
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Does talk on dev knows nothing about dev a20a0f
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Friend is out of town for a week bro so i kinda pawned your tv 6bdf0b
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Dude i meant to tell you about that 902068
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Has tickets to a sold out pirates game tailgates until the fourth inning 0c4227
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He asks if you wanna throw in on rolling a blunt but he has no weed of his own 802d5a
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Draws names for draft pulls his own name first c3b8c6
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Visit newlyweds drinks their rare 4k bottle of gift wine 82e4a0
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Likes where these posts are going deletes them a1ad55
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Bro can i spin ur rifle breaks it mine weighs more 5a1504
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Criticize opponent for offering no details offer no details de3fcb
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Buys candies for halloween eats them all before halloween 615665
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Gets horny at a bar and walks out with a new name cumbag steve 42bc10
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Tattoos only hurt if you re a pussy takes percocets 8c2228
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Www macmakeuponsale com other makeup c 50 html www macmakeuponsale com other makeup c 50 html b1bb7a
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I m waiting for the iphone 5s to come out on boost mobile 82f3b8
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