Drops two pitchers in a crowded bar doesn t tip insists on 20 cent change f2048a
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Borrows your gadgets returned it to you 4 months later broken 8ab660
1.1 by 347 huffers
We need to scrim more always grabs tanks in pubs 242e76
1.1 by 332 huffers
Tells everyone he trains mma dosen t know what an armbar is 3dc4ce
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Favorite food pizza and candy 45fffa
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I dont understand my own culture so i nicked yours innit 6d7951
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Says he s bringing kush to the party brings dirt weed bd4c1a
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Makes unit compulsory cancels it f50b50
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Tackles guy who robbed a store takes the money and runs away bb0217
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Cums in his palm high five bro 33514c
1.1 by 490 huffers
Gets belated party invite sends pipebomb 3adc30
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Builds a strong friendship choke s you out 4f1783
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Makes change in offering plate 5 in 10 out 096abd
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Offers to make your band a new flyer uses comic sans 8302f4
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Thinks that 50 no s equals a yes 61c4ce
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Brags about stock clutch turns down races blames slower times on clutch d675ba
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Network issues that cause email outages all day sends email to let you know there is a problem 58d438
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When steve comes to your house cops show up right away 7824e0
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Makes fun of jos still gets yard jars b1bb07
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Invites you over for cake it s actually pie lie 008a37
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Suggests canceling contract to request unlock doesn t allow unlock until bill comes in a month c5cd06
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Coffee gets cold too lazy to microwave drinks dc316f
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Blames your pc for expensive hyrdo bill puts up two christmas trees and new appliances e47e31
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Doesn t know his mom s b day knows eminem s a90812
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