Sees challenged kid laughes bac41e
1.1 by 312 huffers
Borrows your bike find it at pawn shop 611ac2
1.1 by 892 huffers
Asks friends for money doesn t send the link bd3b11
1.0 by 308 huffers
Told to go to lrc wastes 2 hours in courtyard 733b43
1.1 by 301 huffers
Oh andy left his facebook logged in courtesy of scumbag dustin 57ac5c
1.1 by 310 huffers
Takes a dump in a public bathroom leaves it sitting there for the next person d41d8c
1.1 by 444 huffers
Posts status about having cancer again doesnt post about being cancer free 56e6bd
1.0 by 295 huffers
I will be right back disappears forever 359deb
1.0 by 309 huffers
Robs your drink money commits suicide because he has no insurance 9697e6
1.1 by 361 huffers
Selling ps4s in bundles of 700 8a99fd
1.0 by 323 huffers
Custom rims and racing stripes on a 2000 interpid 7cffd6
1.1 by 321 huffers
Says top plays will be after the break top plays not for 3 more commercial breaks ed576d
1.1 by 299 huffers
Tells you poo needs to get eaten watches you eat the poo 8f1720
1.1 by 328 huffers
Tells roommate that he needs more sleep has gf over till midnight 3f2105
1.0 by 326 huffers
Girlfriend says she s not in the mood for sex rapes her until she bleeds d41d8c
1.2 by 336 huffers
Teh cow goes woof 589afa
1.1 by 341 huffers
Complains about repost not post anything new eeae87
1.1 by 355 huffers
Sees your new desktop wallpaper changes wallpaper fabe9b
1.0 by 332 huffers
Says its molly sells you krokodil 57b0f4
1.0 by 416 huffers
Says will attend party click not attending on facebook event afterwards 1a7712
1.1 by 573 huffers
Wants islam awareness memes doesn t make his own 038e0b
1.0 by 427 huffers
Someone asks for setup sends default 0c2172
1.1 by 312 huffers
Spills soy sauce all over your fridge tells noone and leaves ad3f5f
1.1 by 296 huffers
Get a bad review make fake accounts to discredit reviewer b77efb
1.2 by 288 huffers