You ask for extra ketchup gives you attitude 222b9e
1.0 by 284 huffers
He pokes holes in your condom his girlfriend gets preggos 264eb6
1.0 by 385 huffers
Hey guys it s tim from trl e4ead9
1.0 by 307 huffers
Makes fun of immigrants has worse english b4a104
1.1 by 306 huffers
Makes fun of fat girls makes out with one 77e1a8
1.1 by 317 huffers
Cheats on finals fails fecf08
1.1 by 276 huffers
Roommate gives you wireless printer access print at night d74d5b
1.2 by 350 huffers
Says they only like fps games doesn t buy bf3 and plays wow b9b832
1.2 by 339 huffers
Hero defends black man in court shows up to kkk meeting in sequel f52cce
1.0 by 345 huffers
30 kg and wrestles for 12 y gets wrestled up at first practise 2861cf
1.0 by 307 huffers
Defends tom robinson in court shows up to kkk meeting in the sequel a827f6
1.0 by 380 huffers
Scumbag aleksandra promises supa never makes one 645ea9
1.1 by 366 huffers
Borrows bowl breaks it 74b63c
1.0 by 309 huffers
Vorbesti cu ea 2 saptamani dar dupa bac te lasa pentru un pletos d85f12
1.0 by 283 huffers
Says it s legit posts how he cheated e702eb
1.2 by 287 huffers
Is scumbag steve thinks everyone else is also scumbag steve d915f3
1.0 by 298 huffers
Can i get a bite of your chicken little eats all four 7d7177
1.0 by 312 huffers
There have been times in the past and will be times in teh future wait a374e4
1.0 by 300 huffers
He comes over to hit on your girlfriend da5069
1.1 by 357 huffers
Says data shouldn t be in prop tag server only accepts it there 79243d
1.0 by 288 huffers
Needs money to go to lan apologies to everyone for being a dick d228ea
1.1 by 590 huffers
Thinks he s hard enough to walk university blvd gets shot 9935c7
1.1 by 278 huffers
Sees cute girl in vw beetle tells his buddy to check her out 9b6d87
1.0 by 412 huffers
Uses complex algorithms to make fake account asks for nudes 3012e7
1.0 by 389 huffers