Just watched 8 mile pretty much pro at rap battles now
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I gonna rule this jail gets raped on first day b2db6f
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Cuts self shaving says it was a knife fight
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It s cool bro i ll walk her home she gets pregnant
1.1 by 1,702 huffers
Wears lakers jersey never watched basketball
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Become facebook friends neverending mafia wars requests
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I gonna rule this jail gets raped on first day
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Hey steve no smoking in the house nah its cool dog
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Fought 13 year old and lost i got jumped bro
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Love scarface never seen it
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13 year old girl waves and smiles at me bitches love my swag 9e7792
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Bro can i get a fry takes handful
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Bro just let me play one song black and yellow
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My coat was 300 can i bum a cigarette
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Yo dawg i m from the streets parents pay for car and college
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Pukes on something disappears
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Shotguns a beer spits it out ec3bc4
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Broooo shiiiiii i forgot
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Put 500 exhaust kit on 93 honda civic
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Goes to gym for 3 days suddenly is allowed to criticize what you eat 739ce5
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Uses your shower leaves pubes on your soap
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Bro let s get some mcdonalds oh shit forgot my walet
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Search rap on limewire download everything
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Expelled two years ago still hangs around parking lot
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