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Sees your text message continues playing skyrim 790665
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Dates freshmen as a senior uses all her swipes af1c67
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I looked into the mirror before i left and thought chicks dig brown bf8410
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Put a body kit on is mom camery 43b19c
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Gamble j run maths bb674e
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Se va contigo despues del partido solo para que le compres una energetica a76cda
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Says there is a live match in progress makes you wait an hour for the match 6d5c22
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Knows its supposed to snow bad in the morning still sends the students to school 99d9e2
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Bought a bunch of new shit doesn t pay child support 995e13
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Taking courage to come out for best friend dont touch me you gay faggot 8d21ba
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Complains about hipsters drinks pbr b0ad6f
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