Stalk forum members for years accuses forum of stalking c7f72f
1.2 by 109 huffers
Tells buddy to be more social isn t social himself fa50d3
1.1 by 109 huffers
Shows up at prom with his half cousin tells people they banged in the limo f95966
1.0 by 109 huffers
Takes 2 shots pukes all over the stoop db615d
1.4 by 108 huffers
Gets beat in beer pong beats the shit out of the winners ee4110
1.3 by 108 huffers
1.3 by 108 huffers
Spits in drink yells at you for complaining 3d21ee
1.1 by 108 huffers
Has driver s license and car still asks for rides everywhere 4cf225
1.1 by 108 huffers
Fixes dr server unplugs dr pc from network f7b8f9
1.0 by 108 huffers
Asks for your help when he needs it cockblocks you when he doesn t cb6039
1.3 by 107 huffers
I m not a bro due is definitely a bro 193137
1.1 by 107 huffers
Bro i want my far cry game back 5d5a57
1.1 by 107 huffers
Complains about hipsters drinks pbr b0ad6f
1.0 by 107 huffers
Friends wants good ap mid tells him to buy mordekaiser 40b548
1.4 by 106 huffers
Borrows your car runs over your dog bbab85
1.3 by 106 huffers
Gets a paper cut complains all day 7e859d
1.2 by 106 huffers
It seems you have a problem my door is open 14dbdb
1.5 by 102 huffers