Hey bro let me try that hat on runs c927a7
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Republican uses obama phone 6b014a
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2pm hey dana its approved 5 58pm lulz naw it aint changes e55e35
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Suppose to meet with you at 3 2 58 yo i m gonna take a quick shower bro 6f4998
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Trust me ladies this molly is the dankest roofies 2950b5
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Whines carse s gdl x tm is too good complains that classic league is too easy 90f61e
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Invites friends to jump maps goes afk cc4cb7
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Leaves project a week early d32186
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Promise to visit jacob after graduation never come back 551a71
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Professional sports team loses game destroys entire town b3dbe1
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Hey dude i wanna book you never books you 3956cb
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Speaks to others in a soft tone but yells at all his callers f4aa43
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Steals a girl from dalton dosent even like her 799e50
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Goes out with 600 in his pocket wakes up with 1 bill 73b06b
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Parents paid for umarmy fuck that shit 7cf74f
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Hello i like to troll 2f0521
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Gets offended when called scumbag steve is scumbag steve 0f9d61
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