Sick coat bro can i try it on runs
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Yo i ll getcha back when the album drops
1.2 by 491 huffers
Yo can i crash at your place fucks your girlfriend and your cat a33b0c
1.2 by 491 huffers
Makes change in offering plate 5 in 10 out 096abd
1.1 by 490 huffers
Take your jacket off your not going home bd4d86
1.1 by 487 huffers
99 bitches about being poor iphone 4s pre orders shatters records f1bc97
1.2 by 486 huffers
3500 rims 500 saturn
1.2 by 485 huffers
Talks shit to 15 black dudes and gets jumped says he got jumped because you didnt help him a62981
1.1 by 484 huffers
Eats hot pocket leaves box in the fridge 24604b
1.1 by 483 huffers
Scumbag guinsoo completely ignores wards 221420
1.1 by 481 huffers
Passes you the bowl its cashed f5ef2c
1.1 by 481 huffers
Cries because gf cheated fucked her best friend the whole time 4e23df
1.1 by 480 huffers
Stays in right hand turn lane goes straight 31c949
1.1 by 479 huffers
Arkadasnn cakmagn al tabiki geri vermemek uzere 6a4c41
1.1 by 479 huffers
Buys large white van paints free candy on it d41d8c
1.2 by 478 huffers
Thinks that 50 no s equals a yes 61c4ce
1.1 by 478 huffers
Uses your whiteboard marker loses the cap
1.2 by 477 huffers
Pledges money to haiti for rebuilding never pays up 3373ae
1.2 by 476 huffers
Goes to club drinks leftover beer before barstaff comes 354d88
1.1 by 476 huffers
Stays up all night working on paper writes one paragraph swag 0b3389
1.2 by 475 huffers
No bro it s spelled liberry
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Grandpa has surgery steal pain meds
1.2 by 473 huffers
You get new kicks he gets em too 0eaffe
1.1 by 472 huffers
0 99 to thq 0 01 to hib 0 00 to charity 4480d5
1.1 by 471 huffers