Goes to club drinks leftover beer before barstaff comes 354d88
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Asks for a ride farts in your car b75c3c
1.2 by 360 huffers
Bro can you give me a lift change in cup holder gone f63a3e
1.2 by 360 huffers
Yo i ll getcha back when the album drops
1.3 by 359 huffers
Uses your whiteboard marker loses the cap
1.3 by 359 huffers
Yo can i crash at your place fucks your girlfriend and your cat a33b0c
1.2 by 358 huffers
Why do girls go never go for us nice guys treats women like shit 686ae9
1.2 by 356 huffers
Says dog is friendly it bites you when you pet it d093fd
1.2 by 355 huffers
Cries because gf cheated fucked her best friend the whole time 4e23df
1.1 by 354 huffers
Buys large white van paints free candy on it d41d8c
1.2 by 353 huffers
Hey bro let me hop on your computer a sec virus
1.2 by 353 huffers
Sick coat bro can i try it on runs
1.3 by 352 huffers
Video chat on omegle only show penis b0e2ab
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No bro it s spelled liberry
1.2 by 350 huffers
Sees black guy locks car door
1.2 by 350 huffers
Three d u i s i drive better drunk
1.1 by 350 huffers
Says he doesn t have a ego likes his own facebook status eda82e
1.1 by 350 huffers
Thinks that 50 no s equals a yes 61c4ce
1.2 by 349 huffers
Get married far away make you pay all exspenses cf8708
1.2 by 349 huffers
Gets water cup at mcdonald s fills it with pop
1.3 by 347 huffers
Stays in right hand turn lane goes straight 31c949
1.2 by 344 huffers
0 99 to thq 0 01 to hib 0 00 to charity 4480d5
1.1 by 344 huffers
Scumbag mark says he wants to contact you never replies 03771d
1.1 by 343 huffers
Says he has no excuse promptly gives you an excuse 4a2cab
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