Needs money to go to lan apologies to everyone for being a dick d228ea
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Steals omega 3 capsules from his friend blames him when his shirt reeks of fish ad351b
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Hey guys wanna smoke some hash 4686b9
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Says they love spiderman movie doesn t understand everybody gets one c246b0
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Claim server has no whitelist there actually is 54504a
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Watches cocaine cowboys is a drug war expert c7b40c
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Says shes going to sleep face buried in laptop 428f00
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Reposts the kony video can t locate uganda on a map d556f2
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Brag about mlg cod wait e6a552
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Goes to video store rents leprechaun in the hood f595ac
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Invited to movie brings two niggers 60dc5e
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Grew up in wyoming gangsta by birth a118e8
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Works at an animal shelter fucks the dogs 7ff39e
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Yo where s the kool aid washes away eyeliner mustache dae5f2
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Trades foodstamps for drugs raids your fridge 0ed40f
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Yeah man i ll do it never does dd795a
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I use tyranitar and flygon e76273
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Text me kk xd b4570b
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Cheers for miami heat never been to florida 9c4df6
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Goes to mcdonalds for lunch comes back way too high 1f3493
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Lend friend money complains about paying you back a year later 994062
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You make my cock so hard too bad its less than an inch long feeeb4
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