Makes fun of crossfit does calf raises at gym 802c4a
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Only does half the required work still makes the deans list ae010f
1.1 by 820 huffers
I totally slept with a virgin she lives in another state
1.1 by 819 huffers
Never likes or comments on your fb posts comes out of god knows where to correct your statu 11e4ef
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Complains about game of thrones spoilers posts inappropriate meme on the corporate dl cc8160
1.0 by 815 huffers
Takes half day on friday to play golf takes half department with him does no work 064452
1.1 by 811 huffers
Bought two xanaxes made you pay for mine f77a55
1.0 by 811 huffers
Sends message as commissioner condemning collusion attempts to collude f7f2aa
1.0 by 811 huffers
Like my pic and il like yours xx 3 brags over likes 7f0ba3
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Assigns 3 page essay 10 point font and single spaced d494f1
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Client reports broken items do nothing 8caff1
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Gets an e mail about wednesday hh e mails but doesn t respond to that topic 56a1d9
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Takes guitar from ajrock bloody gums rocks hard 45ce81
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Goes on facebook messages 8th grade girls 57c04b
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Facade internet tough guy reality basement dweller in overland park 23ed61
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I hate fucking thieves steals shit from walmart 56b8f9
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Yo lets go to a bar and get some bitches has no money and smells like week old sweat e9f917
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I hope you don t mind i pawned your tv 5d058d
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Chastizes me for drinking jim beam while in ca drinks jim beam in ky because it s tax season bc8b43
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Runs shitty company threatens to sue people who post bad reviews 9e63e5
1.0 by 804 huffers
Yo breh i gotta ax you sumthin ask note his skin color 1689c9
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Bought a sunfire failed his beginners af36ee
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Dates 50 year old slut with black kid calls him his step son ef88d6
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Jamphat approved d41d8c
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