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Knows brother was making a funny face on purpose posts pic to facebook anyway cb2fe3
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Adam buy sightstone please rabadons 654a9d
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Says will attend party click not attending on facebook event afterwards 1a7712
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Un lol a las 8 ni si quiera contesta el whatsapp b8cc65
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Say you don t care anymore seem too rage when joke played ba089e
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Gets accidently betrayed in halo boots you anyway 9a9f6e
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Apply for nus medicine without straight as got rejected and blame government 151ba6
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Ufc fighter mon wed fri ufcgyms com 0a8899
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Watched two episodes of the sopranos tells people he s in the mob a3967d
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I m gonna kick your ass do you even lift bro ff9d37
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I ll pay you back disappears 96e0bb
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Predicts end of world twice b496ae
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Lemme get some of those jellybeans eats all the pink ones 4d9102
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Makes fun of your shitty job gets everything paid by his parents b84045
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Says use vacation no problem come back in you re fired for no call no show 343863
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Goes out sober takes home drunkest girl in room 93216f
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No pics check out my lowered car at tomorrows meet doesn t show up 3478e6
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Says he will wash his dishes dumps food in sink 496214
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Blind man asks are you black answers yes 2df925
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Lie about helping mom with photography class make entire internet feel bad
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Always has a story cooler than yours 5e3b0d
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Loads a bowl takes the first hit cb9b9d
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Goes to mexican restaurant with parents in law orders cheeseburger 193505
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