Downvotes your post just to keep it at 420 fe09f7
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Grew up in wyoming gangsta by birth a118e8
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Trades foodstamps for drugs raids your fridge 0ed40f
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Finds a merchant in video game shoots him 34b5c7
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Never tips ever 3e2d65
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Goes spec when team is losing still gg s 98dc71
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Yo i can borrow this breaks it b0d92f
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Client reports broken items do nothing 8caff1
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Scumbag colleague asks for long weekend agrees that the boss can revoke leave c6a33e
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Bought a sunfire failed his beginners af36ee
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Reposts the kony video can t locate uganda on a map d556f2
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Bitches about dirty house drops 32 oz bottle of bud on floor and walks away 59a165
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Like my pic and il like yours xx 3 brags over likes 7f0ba3
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Yo breh i gotta ax you sumthin ask note his skin color 1689c9
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I use tyranitar and flygon e76273
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Asks a question says he knew the answer after explanation 16f7d7
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Takes half day on friday to play golf takes half department with him does no work 064452
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Facade internet tough guy reality basement dweller in overland park 23ed61
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Yo lets go to a bar and get some bitches has no money and smells like week old sweat e9f917
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Jamphat approved d41d8c
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Says he will kill you in a fight waits for a sucker punch when not fighting d41d8c
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Cheers for miami heat never been to florida 9c4df6
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Buy me a drink bitch 516950
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Makes fun of crossfit does calf raises at gym 802c4a
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