Finds a merchant in video game shoots him 34b5c7
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Asks how you re doing walks by you as he says it da3471
1.1 by 507 huffers
Grew up in wyoming gangsta by birth a118e8
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Yo where s the kool aid washes away eyeliner mustache dae5f2
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Is veteran 9gagger with access to vote page likes all the reposts 999099
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Works at an animal shelter fucks the dogs 7ff39e
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Sorry bro i ain t got no jumper cables really has jumper cables 202d43
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Hey guys wanna smoke some hash 4686b9
1.1 by 504 huffers
Yo breh i gotta ax you sumthin ask note his skin color 1689c9
1.0 by 504 huffers
I don t smoke bums thinger 2b6b4a
1.2 by 501 huffers
Brag about mlg cod wait e6a552
1.1 by 501 huffers
Reposts the kony video can t locate uganda on a map d556f2
1.1 by 500 huffers
Trades foodstamps for drugs raids your fridge 0ed40f
1.0 by 500 huffers
Takes half day on friday to play golf takes half department with him does no work 064452
1.1 by 499 huffers
Facade internet tough guy reality basement dweller in overland park 23ed61
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Oh hey man i like your new facebook banner tags you in picture of his bong
1.2 by 498 huffers
I use tyranitar and flygon e76273
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Says he quit chewing but just stopped buying his own dd1b3d
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Gets accidently betrayed in halo boots you anyway 9a9f6e
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Jamphat approved d41d8c
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Like my pic and il like yours xx 3 brags over likes 7f0ba3
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Has two jobs still does applebees 2 for 20 777ed5
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Invite steve to party cops show up
1.2 by 493 huffers
Steals your pipe hides it and never brings it back
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