Sees a choking man for 3 minutes ask are you choking b5c253
1.1 by 832 huffers
Quickscope match stuns and then hardscopes ac9395
1.1 by 831 huffers
Everyone has finals decides to play penis game 5c85b6
1.1 by 831 huffers
Scumbag guinsoo completely ignores wards 221420
1.1 by 830 huffers
Stays up all night working on paper writes one paragraph swag 0b3389
1.1 by 824 huffers
Three d u i s i drive better drunk
1.1 by 822 huffers
Invite steve to party ipod stolen
1.1 by 820 huffers
You wana scrap bro hold on im calling my boys 41a1b3
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Stays in right hand turn lane goes straight 31c949
1.1 by 815 huffers
Blank macro
1.1 by 813 huffers
Third wheel hey bro can i watch 5bdb78
1.1 by 813 huffers
Says he ll play flag football leaves campus with only ball to practice with f521cf
1.0 by 810 huffers
Cries because gf cheated fucked her best friend the whole time 4e23df
1.1 by 799 huffers
Always sits next to you has the same test scores b270f8
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Scumbag mark says he wants to contact you never replies 03771d
1.1 by 795 huffers
You get new kicks he gets em too 0eaffe
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Facade internet tough guy reality basement dweller in vaughan 86c321
1.1 by 789 huffers
Run for vp finance take summer job in another country 0aec7f
1.1 by 783 huffers
0 99 to thq 0 01 to hib 0 00 to charity 4480d5
1.1 by 779 huffers
Says we re doing 1 meteor brings salinthia 07d31d
1.1 by 772 huffers
Buys large white van paints free candy on it d41d8c
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Hey dude wanna load another bowl 90f637
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Gets into spaceship battle walks around rapes your mom and sister 01f598
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Get married far away make you pay all exspenses cf8708
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