Scumbag colleague asks for long weekend agrees that the boss can revoke leave c6a33e
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Moves to sudbury for 3 months calls everyone cidiots 8a3c07
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Low balls you on price then requests 6 month payment plan f456a0
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Think about giving up bus seat to woman fuck that she s married c8ab4d
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Needs to be up in six hours learns alphabet backwards 3e4ac4
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Buy me a drink bitch 516950
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I can t talk right now i m really busy is online on facebook ba6b1e
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Proves you wrong with a terrible analogy 547785
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Meow 3 81216e
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Is a brony that preaches love and tolerance what you hate bronies go kill yourself hater 8075b2
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Yo bro can i use your bathroom uses your toothbrush too cb536d
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Says he can plow snow no problem knocks down light pole in elsie 194d84
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Says we don t talk anymore takes hours to respond if even at all 492225
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Loves re3 5 for having ghosts hates re7 for having ghosts d9ff72
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Im gangsta yo lives in moms basement 54eb02
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Moves to ewa beach gets 76south tattoo 0c7aa3
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Is tired of this shit keeps using reddit 00098f
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Carries two cell phones one has no service 67e3a8
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Says he will dd leaves the club without telling anyone bee770
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Kissed girl tells friends they had sex 935df5
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Asks to borrow laptop gives back with a virus c2c828
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Complains about empty ask box never asks questions 8a95eb
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Doesn t finish first game spends all his millions on five other games 503278
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Asks you to give him skittles gets mad that you didn t give him enough 0b0410
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