Run for vp finance take summer job in another country 0aec7f
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Talks shit to 15 black dudes and gets jumped says he got jumped because you didnt help him a62981
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Blank macro
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Pledges money to haiti for rebuilding never pays up 3373ae
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Hey dude wanna load another bowl 90f637
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Eats hot pocket leaves box in the fridge 24604b
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Meet at club get roofied
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Too cool for a backpack carries folder in back pocket 44e5f8
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Blank macro
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Third wheel hey bro can i watch 5bdb78
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Come at me bro just wait til this nickleback songs over
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You get new kicks he gets em too 0eaffe
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Quickscope match stuns and then hardscopes ac9395
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Grandpa has surgery steal pain meds
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99 bitches about being poor iphone 4s pre orders shatters records f1bc97
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Stays up all night working on paper writes one paragraph swag 0b3389
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West side nigga drops to the floor and expects gunshots e1eb37
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Scumbag guinsoo completely ignores wards 221420
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Lost and scared not sure if tavern has hennessey ae86a1
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Says we re doing 1 meteor brings salinthia 07d31d
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Invite steve to party ipod stolen
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Take your jacket off your not going home bd4d86
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Scumbag jovan says lets make a 1000000 works on private android game 8b8075
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Everyone has finals decides to play penis game 5c85b6
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