Says he s leaving sticks around d1c033
1.1 by 300 huffers
Nike free run nike free run 49e9b4
1.0 by 318 huffers
Still goes to high school parties 26 years old 8a1ffa
1.0 by 314 huffers
Knocks on door doesn t wait for response but opens it immediately 570185
1.1 by 318 huffers
You can t fail you can t fail 0367d9
1.0 by 326 huffers
Insulta litalia e va a fare i brevetti in america nessuno gleli da dice che sono barbonu 115119
1.1 by 296 huffers
Didn t save stray cat whored it out for karma bc93ef
1.1 by 299 huffers
Disagrees with someone tells them chacha is his source 59a7d6
1.1 by 331 huffers
Says will attend party click not attending on facebook event afterwards 1a7712
1.1 by 572 huffers
Gets excited about the results of posts trash talk on facebook 685db6
1.0 by 395 huffers
Reads the word podcast in a thread posts unrelated soundcloud link 6d8ec4
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Shows you naked pictures of girlfriend porn site logo in bottem left corner 6200d9
1.2 by 346 huffers
1983 honda civic because im a baller c4a71f
1.1 by 340 huffers
Just ask around i run this block they said what they re just hating 72f9d3
1.1 by 293 huffers
Fuck you this board sucks won t go away a74783
1.1 by 433 huffers
Wanna burn i m outta bud 580cef
1.1 by 317 huffers
Says he can give you ride ditches you 218fac
1.1 by 332 huffers
Downloads music for free still pays for porn efefba
1.1 by 471 huffers
Call my white friends my niggas makes sure there are no black people around d41d8c
1.1 by 304 huffers
Has d s and f s goes online inspects elements prints show parents 350e35
1.1 by 319 huffers
Vouch as a good guy to friends skums you in your own house f8f66c
1.1 by 351 huffers
Goes to ui final exam actually prepares for it 9bae87
1.1 by 324 huffers
In a relationship irl single on fb gotta keep my options open 02a0b4
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Replaces ur ringtone with lexus theme gets u a used 1994 toyota corolla db6356
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