Complains about grammar on facebook complaint is a run on sentence 2ed2dd
1.0 by 260 huffers
Complains no one plays anymore raids lowbie exp with 6 mam arti stacked group 110dfd
1.0 by 340 huffers
Says he ll see meet you at luckys never shows 81f8aa
1.1 by 268 huffers
Bro just let me play one song black and yellow
1.1 by 1,278 huffers
Jumps into conversation to insult you because he has nothing better to do 759e40
1.0 by 302 huffers
Adds friends mom on facebook jerks off to her 5 mins after 42a042
1.1 by 301 huffers
Got 4 free pizzas thinks he was scammed 706080
1.1 by 259 huffers
Faps wearing a condom bareback with random girls 69b0f4
1.1 by 455 huffers
Goes to the gathering doesn t help pay for gas 9a9b94
1.0 by 336 huffers
Is 21 yrs old with no job or education spends all day on xbox df0d73
1.0 by 279 huffers
Claims to be a black belt and a master of karate watched a female self defence class one time c23e3a
1.0 by 265 huffers
Finishes his spanish presentation with a meme in english e0c301
1.0 by 274 huffers
Tells bad yo moma joke pretends to not know your mom died a week ago 5fc245
1.2 by 323 huffers
Sprays a co worker w power washer leaving wounds bro i didn t think it was that strong c5f935
1.0 by 270 huffers
Http hclrpmevxzdl com ebqcra hsxuae com a03cfc
1.1 by 259 huffers
Knock knock got 10 mate the following day knock knock got 10 mate 3820a2
1.0 by 257 huffers
Smd all i want you in my bed 4d991c
1.2 by 271 huffers
Shows power rack plans and promises pics buys rack off craigslist and abandons project 65fe15
1.2 by 287 huffers
Doesn t invite anyone to fair talks about the greatest beer he ever drank 02b41a
1.1 by 268 huffers
Broooo shiiiiii i forgot
1.1 by 1,209 huffers
Your sister breaks up with her bf suddenly wants to chill d6ec8c
1.2 by 261 huffers
Surprise buttsex can t believe the bitch filed charges 223b39
1.1 by 293 huffers
Sneezes gets mud butt 6b4f33
1.0 by 267 huffers
Line for toilet is too long pisses in the sink fd19c8
1.1 by 263 huffers