Goes to club drinks leftover beer before barstaff comes 354d88
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I met a black guy once 39fa98
1.1 by 1,144 huffers
Promises to hang out ditches 0aa2a7
1.1 by 386 huffers
Host best na sc2 tournament to date delay finals for l o l 90b1b8
1.1 by 363 huffers
Laugh at hilarious oc comic thumb it down 3a7b2e
1.1 by 441 huffers
Keeps talking about that fine bitch at the mall 2b14f7
1.0 by 339 huffers
Scumbag bt charges for new line installation doesn t install new line 78ad05
1.2 by 348 huffers
Misses net shit i forgot to get this restrung b28543
1.0 by 349 huffers
Cons you into blowing him calls you a fag f2c20b
1.1 by 433 huffers
Calls helpdesk puts you on hold 3f3ebc
1.0 by 365 huffers
Bro wanna go outside and smoke a cig can i have a cig 885e50
1.1 by 480 huffers
Bitch about old dayshift lead watching videos hobbit all day son d01756
1.1 by 356 huffers
Tells you to come to the student centre to fill in an online form efebad
1.1 by 436 huffers
Yo bro can i borrow your oc makes front page 64e332
1.1 by 373 huffers
Says you can graduate in a year never lets you 75de52
1.1 by 361 huffers
Do good try hard do bad you suck 2225d5
1.1 by 376 huffers
Clients are in the building wears jeans and a jersey bfb486
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Hey molly some of your pics are sexy ed2be7
1.1 by 359 huffers
Gets delicious banh mi for lunch for free goes to shitty subway instead 5b4359
1.0 by 379 huffers
Modelli hogan uomo modelli hogan uomo 3a6359
1.0 by 380 huffers
Your sister breaks up with her bf suddenly wants to chill d6ec8c
1.2 by 338 huffers
Pot leaf decal on car can t undersand why he always gets pulled over cd37e6
1.1 by 474 huffers
7 billion people disagree still thinks he s right 7466ea
1.1 by 334 huffers
Gets 300 a night hotel room passes out drunk in lobby b4bf7c
1.0 by 347 huffers