Says he ll make a desk dissappears 47d75f
1.1 by 352 huffers
Post an ad for nude models he s nude when she arrives ddafe2
1.1 by 365 huffers
Watches passion of the christ laughs the entire team 714152
1.1 by 357 huffers
Talks about intranets all the damn time has no intranet 0f1392
1.0 by 381 huffers
Wanna race my buddy has a supra eed5e7
1.1 by 377 huffers
Te pide tu lapiz te lo devuelve masticado d1fe77
1.1 by 393 huffers
Knows what to say so you have a better day says the opposite b608fc
1.0 by 372 huffers
Tell me everything 73b029
1.0 by 363 huffers
Doesn t know who mca was 422835
1.1 by 453 huffers
Says wow s for fags has four 85 s 9586b6
1.2 by 475 huffers
Criticises teammates for attitude misses training for carnage 74c7d7
1.0 by 398 huffers
Makes friends play mario cart steals yoshi and picks rainbow road f931a6
1.1 by 423 huffers
Has only time to help you when you are allready sleeping 2e5d43
1.0 by 342 huffers
Smokes up before iftar gets the muncies family thinks hungry from fasting all day b23bfa
1.0 by 396 huffers
Brought half bottle of cheap scotch to the party leaves with two bottles of top shelf scotch 27a0a8
1.0 by 415 huffers
Let s record this summer bro moves to korea 7fc4cd
1.1 by 337 huffers
Asks to use the internet downloads virus immediately b6e854
1.1 by 380 huffers
Asks to borrow laptop accidentally misplaces it with broken one 7b6e79
1.0 by 345 huffers
Makes good music doesn t clean bathroom 681665
1.1 by 364 huffers
Likes wacka flacka the dude likes wacka flacka 7a61ff
1.1 by 342 huffers
Tell him when and where to meet never shows up 47eceb
1.1 by 354 huffers
Borrows power drill returns barry manilow greatest hits cd c7241f
1.0 by 368 huffers
You ll be compensated for your time in microbrew tickets 3ba3c9
1.0 by 382 huffers
Hogan greece hogan greece 1a06be
1.0 by 409 huffers