Has to tell you something does it in a meme 7ec524
1.0 by 474 huffers
Brags about zero debt drives 20 year old undesirable cars 300fd4
1.0 by 472 huffers
Pije i pale na cos trzeba umrzec 29c651
1.0 by 520 huffers
Pitches great for seven innings remembers he pitches for the mariners e61040
1.1 by 481 huffers
Adds printer to print server does not reserve ip address 360591
1.0 by 574 huffers
Spends five hours anodizing fmic doesn t post pics 916740
1.0 by 532 huffers
Doesn t look like a gram can you please weigh again 2850c5
1.0 by 582 huffers
Went to u of t hates u of t degree ed218f
1.0 by 501 huffers
Wears lakers jersey never watched basketball
1.0 by 2,114 huffers
Reports you for token glitching wonders why he got reset in cod4 ccfff4
1.1 by 497 huffers
Just bought a new house can i crash at your place abd029
1.1 by 545 huffers
Finds your cup of care relax bro i ll buy you a new cup jeezeus c24e8b
1.1 by 489 huffers
Canada goose kensington parka veiufxeao gmail com ae86a5
1.0 by 528 huffers
God is so great he killed thousands of japanese people ce1194
1.1 by 582 huffers
Refactors code that isn t used anymore bcced7
1.0 by 487 huffers
All i do is get money from my stepdad d41d8c
1.1 by 584 huffers
Asks to borrow pen tags your bathroom wall df1a50
1.1 by 451 huffers
Try to fuck girl pass out on top of her 4d9be3
1.1 by 498 huffers
Goes to taco bell for baja blast f0bfcb
1.1 by 455 huffers
Goes to uc with nothing leaves with your laptop 7a1785
1.1 by 506 huffers
Draws a moby on your baby 236dc6
1.1 by 582 huffers
Has support our troops bumper sticker won t let convoy into turn lane e8549b
1.0 by 459 huffers
Goes to fill up his water bottle doesn t take yours
1.1 by 585 huffers
Declares self king of internet sends entirely reposts
1.1 by 581 huffers