Tries to make a joke breaks your heart instead aeb1e7
1.0 by 335 huffers
Oakley store oakley store b30dcd
1.0 by 302 huffers
Fucks passed out girl at party tell everybody she is a slut a4f44e
1.1 by 666 huffers
Lets 1 month count down hit zero creates website in 3 hours 51ece3
1.0 by 297 huffers
Sleeps over house steals shoes 179f59
1.1 by 308 huffers
Doesn t understand scumbag steve uses him anyways 88b735
1.2 by 282 huffers
Visits friend for the weekend heads home early each night 838d3c
1.0 by 279 huffers
Got into a fight with keagan akles won e40ca2
1.1 by 281 huffers
Joffrey is my favorite character 589d1f
1.1 by 332 huffers
Sits at computer in library doesn t even use computer 1f2ca8
1.2 by 332 huffers
Quick to tell you how much more we should be doing sits on computer all day 5a971d
1.0 by 282 huffers
Tbh i will do all doesnt do yours 9598b3
1.1 by 281 huffers
Has baby with girl beats her up 5fe543
1.1 by 307 huffers
Says brb never comes back 2a87e9
1.1 by 280 huffers
Creates uni meme page none are funny b7ec21
1.2 by 281 huffers
Gets a 2nd computer for work puts the same nincompatible os on it 0a0f48
1.0 by 440 huffers
Invites you to columbus can you drive 363807
1.2 by 283 huffers
I can make a whole thread about this makes a post 6da633
1.1 by 296 huffers
Yo can u count i asked for 10 dozen crickets e4fef2
1.1 by 279 huffers
Yo i can borrow this breaks it b0d92f
1.1 by 571 huffers
Dies who fed them 0c6fe0
1.2 by 304 huffers
Weres giant fake gold cross has never set foot in church 6a6a1c
1.1 by 313 huffers
Sees electric hazard spills purple drank on it bfbee7
1.0 by 319 huffers
Takes you out to the bars for your birthday gets drunk and needs a ride home cab35f
1.2 by 279 huffers