Drops 30g on tiburon leaves stock ugly headlamp 0a754b
1.0 by 444 huffers
Says he ll pay you back in 20 years 1270fe
1.0 by 426 huffers
Gets cocky in mario party loses because of bonus stars c5d1c0
1.1 by 488 huffers
Designs excessive number of tanky heroes nerfs hotbl 85ce14
1.1 by 437 huffers
Can t afford to buy food steals 30p bag of rice during riot fc5d54
1.1 by 425 huffers
Drinks 10 o douls beers thinks hes wasted 43b73e
1.0 by 501 huffers
Says hes good at fifa rages and quits all the time 5c2b9e
1.0 by 470 huffers
Claims thats not him in the scumbag steve picture 512bb8
1.1 by 486 huffers
Says ganking mid dies at golems 2a3506
1.1 by 463 huffers
Has the last pictus you need doesn t accept the exchange 269769
1.0 by 429 huffers
Buzzed your girlfriend she dumped him for you 0ce751
1.1 by 495 huffers
You want to make it up to me 20 89044d
1.0 by 451 huffers
Knocks down light plow with plow truck says it was a stupid spot for it anyways 304a25
1.0 by 457 huffers
After klicking x to close it opens anyway a16d34
1.1 by 436 huffers
Besok hearing harini baru kasi affidavit 41907f
1.0 by 471 huffers
Expelled two years ago still hangs around parking lot
1.1 by 1,686 huffers
Answer to everything i don t know i just live here d95262
1.0 by 507 huffers
Pulls the boss when ready check failed bubbles hearthstone leave group 41fb64
1.1 by 472 huffers
I ll macro this game 9 pools 6457e7
1.0 by 427 huffers
Stays in last place waiting on blue turtle shell cf7404
1.0 by 464 huffers
Takes a 2 hour lunch proceeds to talk for an hour before logging on c13e3f
1.0 by 445 huffers
Leaves at 1 30pm for a 3 00pm dentist appointment 151bfa
1.0 by 435 huffers
Lets go to wonderland not even open fafdcc
1.0 by 443 huffers
Your last name is redditt have you been to the website cab3f2
1.0 by 462 huffers