Doesn t understand meme gets upset about it d05721
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Pulls the boss when ready check failed bubbles hearthstone leave group 41fb64
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Steals other people s beats doesn t credit them for it 7fa239
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My gf dumped me so mom gave me a allowance raise fuck bitches get money a103f9
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Got caught qq stupid cops 807cba
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Banned from the mall high school parking lot too 25970c
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Tried to produce once goes back to serato c963fb
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Says he s in anonymous can t spell lulz 279629
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Plays cod all day leaves grass for girlfriend to mow after work c1207a
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Urban decay ammo palette eyeshadow primer urban decay ammo palette eyeshadow primer b23015
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Ill throw you gas money 2 dollars 415b2d
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Tells girl he missed her ignores her texts d7ff4b
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Ask s where bathroom is vomits and steals what he can find 4d9c03
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Moderate one of the most popular subreddits crash reddit with chaos day ee233d
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Gives you minecraft account changes the password a58ff5
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Yeah i m beast at cod bro kd is 56 ced346
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Borrows a basketball uses it to excercise and show off body 37d22c
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Steals iphones from people on free and for sale sells it back to them on free and for sale 7ff930
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Yeah these are streets of the thought man any pokemon below lv20 and ur never gonna make it ff419f
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Says your girlfriend doesn t interest him sleeps with her anyway fe4f39
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Ebay com asos yellow skater dress 10 168ac6
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Says istv is wack uses rep point system after istv 8513fd
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Ask for a beer hands 2 off to fat girlfriend 778c67
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Uses guild vent has a blast doesn t help out 8fb495
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