Upgraded all production servers has performance regression 35662b
1.0 by 282 huffers
Calls self web designer only deals with user interface cba854
1.2 by 324 huffers
Liking multiple girls singlestruggles each has her merits 5854bc
1.1 by 273 huffers
Does an april fools joke today 8d0771
1.1 by 270 huffers
Just met an australian i m practically steve irwin now 6abe7d
1.0 by 281 huffers
Goes on and on about how much of a drifter he is learning to drive in his mom s camry 917093
1.0 by 280 huffers
Posts parts for sale thread never replies or posts pics b79fbc
1.1 by 273 huffers
Says come see me at 5pm goes home at 4 bc0820
1.1 by 271 huffers
Cool little brother is dating a smokin hot babe he tell her that she could do a lot better 9f3a89
1.1 by 315 huffers
Goes to gym for 3 days suddenly is allowed to criticize what you eat 739ce5
1.1 by 1,226 huffers
He s one of your good friends and hits on your girlfriend every night 8c5255
1.1 by 258 huffers
Helps you build kickass gaming computer installs vista as os dd0d92
1.0 by 322 huffers
Says he ll play cod takes 2 hours to turn xbox on a08f86
1.1 by 353 huffers
Has sex with your ex girlfriend she likes him now 812732
1.1 by 268 huffers
Says playstaion vita is stupid got it first day ce2a70
1.1 by 272 huffers
Says your girlfriend doesn t interest him sleeps with her anyway fe4f39
1.0 by 259 huffers
Says he is fixing computer downloads illegal music and 4 viruses 3daa6a
1.0 by 271 huffers
Dude your app is great good luck funding that shit 4b0ef9
1.1 by 260 huffers
Takes you out to the bars for your birthday gets drunk and needs a ride home cab35f
1.2 by 271 huffers
Says he knows basketball favorite player is jeremy lin 096307
1.1 by 255 huffers
Bro let s get some mcdonalds oh shit forgot my walet
1.1 by 1,202 huffers
Lets us host lans at his house make memes about how shit he is ee6c91
1.0 by 286 huffers
Says you re getting balance training trains you on fire extinguisher locations b4d09a
1.1 by 309 huffers
Says he knows how to make sweet meme wont show you how 5efadd
1.0 by 331 huffers