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Friend asks to make his own skyrim character plays on your xbox for six hours 4d02ac
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Become trusted 1 x 1 towers in creative fb4fb3
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Wears fur coat its the middle of summer 6b78be
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Goes to college forgets about his best friends 9324dc
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Yo dog i had sex with your wife oh ya and she s pregnant e0e18a
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Man dies sends him friend request f47699
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Is sick and contagious goes to school anyway 23c356
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Network issues that cause email outages all day sends email to let you know there is a problem 58d438
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Promise free xbox send pictures of my rock hard penis e9436c
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Charles kim owes you 27 pays you back 10 years later 6442ed
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I just ate 5 minutes later can i get a snack 78d2b8
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Brags about how big his dick is known as small stick steve 086789
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Check in a whole line of customers one person wants to heckle you about iphone 5 879514
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Uses your whiteboard laughs after realizing he used a sharpie 857323
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Sees your new car keys it f4dd7e
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Doesn t know his mom s b day knows eminem s a90812
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Gimme your half of the rent ill pay it spends it on weed 6684f8
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Says he s gonna email me area in hartford never does e66702
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Shutdown blr for maintenance all i do is stick my dick in the internet port 165d4a
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Has clan meeting plays sad music and asks for money cda961
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Sent to the store for beer brings back hypnotiq eda3f6
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Says you are doing a great job gives work to another company 17f341
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