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Penhaligonsltd offers to help via dm doesn t follow me so can t send message f40b19
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Walks with a limp we don t know why 18e0b3
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Is short 3 00 and takes a 5 from our tip jar keeps the change and walks out 5ede96
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Stallbangs doesn t enjoy hanging out with barry 387fac
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Vaguely tells you what to do makes you work more when done wrong c4492c
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Earl went to my school posts on facebook that we were homies d3315e
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Says he ll help you get gladiator dissapears when 2 week notice is announced 55e825
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Too many guns has armed security detail 70fd45
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Vanilla ice was actually cool at first but then we found out he was white 1373d8
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Invite steve to watch the game with you wallet stollen 2d3c5a
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Spouse dies find soulmate a month later 6e35bc
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Go to mass drink all the jesus a5fd81
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My pantz won t stay up doesn t own belt 78c2d1
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Used your bathroom poos dbbbb3
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Video chat on omegle only show penis b0e2ab
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Too lazy to go to the warehouse sir were out of stock d9aadb
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600 lb girlfriend cries because she cant get prego belly button isnt a vagina b5cf39
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Yo dawg i m from the streets parents pay for car and college
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Works on cars never driven in his life 23ed7b
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Pays for a car wash goes streight into a rally race 6310d9
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Goes to gym for 3 days suddenly is allowed to criticize what you eat 739ce5
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Killed a cheap out dated bear and this is what he got 74695e
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