I don t give a shit about philosophy only takes about fallacies 247a77
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Says his name is douchbag bottafuente really scumbag steve f592b9
1.0 by 516 huffers
Gets 299 hotel room passes out drunk in hotel lobby eb3488
1.0 by 441 huffers
Requests early release of website complains when it s broken a8285d
1.0 by 456 huffers
Breaks in and steals friends preworkout leaves a mess and dont give a fuck 872de8
1.1 by 487 huffers
Hey im really tired won t fall asleep 644004
1.1 by 438 huffers
Comes round your house decides to be player 1 on ps3 9c575a
1.1 by 425 huffers
Says doesn t have time to exercise or eat right has a bmi of 53 995377
1.0 by 426 huffers
Offers you free mushrooms gives you a bag full of chopped up hot dogs 41691d
1.1 by 445 huffers
482 9 3 disregard basic mathematical rules the answer 2 a670ee
1.1 by 481 huffers
Hey man wanna hit this blunt its niggerlipped 71895a
1.1 by 413 huffers
Asks permission to pick up your sister from a party eb2b99
1.0 by 525 huffers
Yo i ma roll a perfect game gets a 50 e2193a
1.0 by 475 huffers
Listens to long story don t care 7e83dc
1.1 by 404 huffers
Makes his friends wait for him shows up without weed ed3a17
1.1 by 402 huffers
Says ive done this 100 times never did it before 6f0871
1.1 by 450 huffers
Wanna play magic beats you on your first turn 134ccf
1.1 by 444 huffers
This my baby daddy and he locked up for a hot min donations of roc a wear or any tj maxx clothes 23c6a8
1.1 by 418 huffers
Te pide la goma te la devuelve llena de asomados da7f94
1.1 by 477 huffers
Pours out half your beer for his dead homiez a787c1
1.1 by 446 huffers
Sent 12 pizzas to his ex calls himself epic 5a2f5d
1.0 by 486 huffers
Sits in wawa parking lot all night 6ef946
1.1 by 422 huffers
Upgraded all servers has performance regression e2cf0b
1.0 by 449 huffers
12 speaker audio 89 saturn wagon 32f4f6
1.0 by 541 huffers