Starts with no offense but says something offensive anyway ba3022
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Interview steve online ask about the lulz 090792
1.0 by 298 huffers
732 543 3650 i m a stalker a51448
1.0 by 291 huffers
42 people die in iraq bombings today only cares about what happened in boston 1e7cc2
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Loves tng leaves discs on top of dvd player d2f96b
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I ll tear you a new asshole bitch i have the worlds smallest penis l 3bb7e4
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23 years old fucks your 12 year old sister c93946
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Omg i m going to fail this examen help me gets 50 50 ebd575
1.2 by 300 huffers
Washes clothes doesn t have detergent 97dc70
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Wants islam awareness memes doesn t make his own 038e0b
1.0 by 392 huffers
Sells you kis new j s knockoffs 971ab0
1.1 by 293 huffers
Brags about owning the school plans to jig 049f88
1.2 by 312 huffers
Goes to the gym benches 50 pounds a92ad3
1.0 by 290 huffers
Scumbag steve yea its me who smoke your weed 367ad5
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Builds a strong friendship choke s you out 4f1783
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Gets you drunk makes you ride your bike home 8562a3
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Asks if your daughter is home gets his balls kicked into his stomach eb3172
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Just watched 8 mile pretty much pro at rap battles now
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Comes into work doesn t mention his birthday f3069b
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It s cool bro i ll walk her home she gets pregnant
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Gets told to clean his room sticks up his middle finger and lights a bowl a24154
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Notice that the enemy team disconnects pop all cds on them and screenshot win 719b4e
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Can t pay you back man totally broke shipping up to boston heineken lounge ba150c
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Installs new subwoofer tests it ouside of arlington hall db44a7
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