E mail class for poor attendence teacher doesn t show up 32b907
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Sneaks in while you are having sex starts licking your asshole and screaming sheeeeit 8c1e64
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Can i get that harddrive formatted e6232a
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Yeah bro i dont know why there is no hot water takes 45 minute shower cc8ce8
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Coworker s last day takes day off 48dbe1
1.0 by 365 huffers
Tells tom he would like to play killing floor plays with jim cf99c4
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Spends hours in front of tv every knicks season never make it to playoffs fdd4c0
1.1 by 383 huffers
Republicans shutdown the government blames obama d0a88f
1.0 by 368 huffers
Wants to be pm to better school environment steals all the sac money for osmows fc9692
1.1 by 348 huffers
Ask to pick me up wendy s order doesn t get it calls me a jew when i ask for money back ea2e71
1.0 by 359 huffers
Ask for 50 dollars because you re friends deletes you from facebook when you say no e4cab5
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Blank macro
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Girlfriend is very ill dumps her by text ed6e18
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Girlfriend gets sick at party opens another beer 38b42b
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Comes to bonfire leaves with all the bacon 880b45
1.0 by 365 huffers
Wanna play diablo 3 beta closes server for maintenance bb5d54
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Tells you they re going to rip your music gets mad when you get mad atthem for stealing 09b783
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Tell me everything 73b029
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Take a quiz and go for a piss make thread about it 093bfa
1.1 by 547 huffers
Goes to the gathering doesn t help pay for gas faf314
1.0 by 377 huffers
Juan and i spend months setting up a server tnt spawn mobs until it crashes 964bef
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Says he ll buy you a shot of jaeger doesn t c85a6b
1.1 by 405 huffers
Hates charizard won t shut up about charizard d41d8c
1.0 by 392 huffers
Scored some weed off my mom 299990
1.1 by 345 huffers