Gets hit in dodgeball keeps playing 263be2
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Tells me algorithms hw due tmrw check and due thursday 0a8854
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My name is felix shows you old pix 51b911
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Hey bro is this your new girl didn t you have another girl over last night b03b13
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The party waited two hours for the pizza forgot to order it 34e4e0
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Gives you a ride to work spends the day with your babe e48188
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30 haircut 20 shampoo 10 brush wears hat 6e6b22
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Makes world class coffee beers still drinks starbucks 7c6244
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Pandora pandora e1d45a
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Get him a job doesn t show first day 4f966c
1.1 by 365 huffers
Got a macbook pro installed ubuntu db6764
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His turn to carpool my car is in the the shop bra 4e21bd
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Scumbag senior uses meme to look cool misuses meme 728039
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Thread backfires ya ll don t have a sense of humor 76cb33
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Leans over to catch a foul ball in left field costs his team the game f2584c
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I got so much swag shops at goodwill 741cd7
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Doesn t like science math history english 42a790
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Watches shawshank redemption for the first time it was okay f386e5
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Pull off an all nighter designing get a perfect night s sleep fire alarm goes off e683b9
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Makes up bullshit rule after the game has started cries when bullshit rule was not abided 48b26c
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Try to sign player insist on free transfer cce8f6
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Ask your mom for a ride as he come out of the bank dye pack explode in her car 51917c
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Sees you watching favorite show changes channel f62be9
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Has three kids from four women 3c3a24
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