Invites people over for a movie doesn t have the movie bc50d3
1.0 by 265 huffers
Cheats to win loses in the first round of march madness a70858
1.1 by 272 huffers
Move match to 9 don t show up at 9 9b53a1
1.1 by 262 huffers
Brags about sexual exploits virgin b6abae
1.2 by 285 huffers
Doesn t help chop trees points out walling failures bd2d34
1.2 by 282 huffers
Reminds me about one cloud doesn t let me use it 511e4f
1.0 by 270 huffers
Sees your new car keys it f4dd7e
1.1 by 286 huffers
Ejpl kelvar kelviji apple kevlar kelvini f4c94a
1.1 by 258 huffers
Scumbag danni celebrates birthday one week in advance fd8675
1.1 by 261 huffers
Fingers a girl thinks hes john fister e0bbf8
1.0 by 255 huffers
Requires approvals for everything takes weeks to check email calls you slow 978763
1.1 by 271 huffers
Passes driving test kills a police officer adb6e0
1.0 by 300 huffers
One game down after week 1 responds saying your face is down after week 1 2b6515
1.1 by 281 huffers
Says you re his best friend would fuck your girlfriend if given the chance 4bc682
1.1 by 320 huffers
Makes fun of non combat mos s is scared of stray dogs 603dc3
1.0 by 388 huffers
Tells you to stay behind after class doesn t fuck you 082419
1.1 by 283 huffers
Uses godaddy for domain registrar uses reddit to plug shitty business 5fc169
1.1 by 345 huffers