Borrows oasis cd never returns it 9cc03b
1.1 by 439 huffers
Friend wins arcade fire tickets doesn t bring me 29468e
1.0 by 477 huffers
Mac store britomart mac store britomart 1d572d
1.0 by 440 huffers
Throws a firecracker right in front of your feet laughs e04c50
1.0 by 428 huffers
Makes fun of knicks fan for losing game 1 at home lose game 1 at home 7aa53d
1.0 by 491 huffers
Self proclaimed bg profile picture is a cake d41d8c
1.1 by 437 huffers
Scumbag blizzard makes trading card game doesn t allow trading 305f09
1.0 by 442 huffers
Borrows your shirt wears it everytime you see him 42fddb
1.1 by 466 huffers
Promptly returns redbox dvds takes an hour to do so while deez is in the car f38b07
1.1 by 421 huffers
Poop in your washroom never flush a772af
1.1 by 439 huffers
Obtains 420 link karma via unrelated subreddit posts screencap to r trees fbc755
1.1 by 468 huffers
Wrecked your mom s bathroom explosive diarrhea d510bd
1.0 by 504 huffers
Deathdark says community is immature tells mature members to leave 789eb7
1.0 by 464 huffers
I use to be a blood but then i found out im with 399307
1.1 by 434 huffers
Brings friends weed to hilton head steals it all d3457a
1.0 by 454 huffers
Nick how old are you stash 25 under breath arsehole fdcb1f
1.1 by 429 huffers
Complains about other classes plays arcane mage 0f85bf
1.0 by 517 huffers