Grew up on the mean streets of metropolis does nothing to rebuild the damage caused by zod 6deb97
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Interview steve online ask about the lulz 38e09d
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Ask if he can fuck your friend it s your mom de114f
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Too lazy to do shit himself complains when someone doesn t do it for him 6c9626
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Likes a video game bitches until ed8fa2
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Bmstftdvncbhtufwf http www ruoccfdlkv com usybecehgq bmstftdvncbhtufwf http www ruoccfdlkv com usybecehgq ea4041
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Bf can t handle losing makes up bad excuses 98b623
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Buys carbon v 10 asks how much wbp passes will be 9241ab
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Says he doesn t want coffee bitches when you don t bring him any f2800b
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Asks vague question complains about vague answer f44455
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Dude can i borrow ur lyfe b95370
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Boss forbids working from home works from home the following day e2e166
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Invades country complains country is being invaded 8287f7
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Louis vuitton glasses louis vuitton glasses 8ba4a7
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Tell wife she isn t attractive while pregnant uses craigslist to meet up with other men for sex b3e8c9
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You think you re k rad but you re not ebbb55
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Sees you patiently waiting for a parking spot pulls in disregarding your blinker claim 1167df
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