Hey lemme play some good music plays taylor swift 6199a0
1.0 by 495 huffers
Asks you to allow multiple currencies fatals with multiple currencies cf7070
1.1 by 409 huffers
Claims well known swp member a is rapist closes thread down 3f270b
1.0 by 461 huffers
Is good at 007 goldeneye brags about it and is actually named steve 32b5e0
1.0 by 471 huffers
Calls grandma once ayear asks for money e67a50
1.0 by 421 huffers
Hey bro can i chill in your room for a bit plays call of duty til 5 am 8a1cb7
1.0 by 435 huffers
Owes you a burger for helping him move never gives you one 8b0d6f
1.0 by 424 huffers
Licks his plate in public ade627
1.0 by 479 huffers
Lv alma lv alma 1428cb
1.0 by 476 huffers
Proms are lame o where s the afterparty 58e749
1.1 by 411 huffers
Reads posts on gif annoyances posts gif anyways 8a7375
1.1 by 409 huffers
I gotz served yo sez judgement proof defendant aa1676
1.1 by 455 huffers
Fixes dr server unplugs dr pc from network f7b8f9
1.0 by 416 huffers
Promises to lead with value 28 csat 727aba
1.0 by 435 huffers
Gives you a hug his neck is sweaty 59cbbe
1.1 by 467 huffers
Throws down 10 tries to take 30 worth d6aaa7
1.1 by 434 huffers
Adds you on facebook non stop candy crush invitations dda2c9
1.0 by 488 huffers