Tells mate to buy xbox is never on at same time 0f1819
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Fr lanaan bilinn inn billinn hans nuna 374db3
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Friend makes self deprecating joke recycles joke uses it to insult friend 8bfd10
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Allergic reaction to work get s sore shoulder tell s stepdaddy to eat shit 6eb2a4
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Studied digital media complains about snep shoot bde2b7
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Asks for a cigarette has a whole pack in his pocket 79a7cf
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Use a double negative and get called out on it don t respond at all f4c514
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Basket zanotti femme basket zanotti femme 22cc46
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Tells you to come over taking a shower when you get there 4aee5d
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Is offered enlightenment and truth chooses the blue pill cf0d59
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Bro lemme borrow your camera takes a picture of his dick dfca2c
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Yo how d knee surgery go steals all your percocets 961217
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Log onto skype don t answer when people call b1d901
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Gives you an iou for dinner still makes you pay 40d3f0
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Buys i phone 4 with welfare check 3fbccb
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I know mike joys me and him go way back a7d238
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Mac makeup cases professional up to 60 off 4rkdy 1 mac makeup cases professional up to 60 off 4rkdy 1 ab103a
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