Carries fat roll of cash in his pocket all singles 46d6e3
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Zegt dat ze komt komt niet b5b068
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Move match to 9 don t show up at 9 9b53a1
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Obviouslyjesus nuff said c82e4c
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Relate to scumbag steve feel cool c4060b
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Cheap ugg boots hnrwgguhnxr gmail com ae90df
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Yo he s my best friend calls the cops on him 45db27
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Too many guns has armed security 24 7 0ed833
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Employee of the month at dunkin donuts 771f2a
1.2 by 349 huffers
Asks to eat some poo eats all the poo in less than a minute 4f0a22
1.1 by 357 huffers
Calls cops on friends dissapointed he can t chill with them b8be83
1.1 by 374 huffers
Says winehouse coverage wasting time leaves porchlight on for caylee anthony 443ee4
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Kiss friends sister on the cheek as a greeting bro i totally made out with melissa last night c8fafd
1.2 by 395 huffers
Goes to mcdonalds steals free stuff 89ae6f
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Creates all the memes says there are too many memes fc6873
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Have last name boston name child georgia 22b3f5
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I didnt wanna wake you up called the cops instead fac9d3
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