Dark chocolate he sucks on it 06ea5b
1.1 by 490 huffers
Turns left onto east main street doesnt wait for pedestrains to cross 7bb528
1.0 by 497 huffers
Gives you loyalty card with 2 free buffet offers not real and you look like an ass using them 7b16e8
1.0 by 460 huffers
Fixes dr server disconnects dr pc from network db7ae7
1.0 by 497 huffers
Ufc fighter m w f ufcgym com 5cdaef
1.0 by 446 huffers
Has to put ball in the box passes it just outside the box b4692c
1.1 by 491 huffers
Shows up at christopher s pub in a limousine 682947
1.0 by 455 huffers
Forced liquid diet for days complains when finally allowed real food 0351be
1.0 by 506 huffers
Insulted a crowd of angry women and got cornered punks out and says he has turrets syndrome 57aee4
1.0 by 472 huffers
Yo im a huge harry potter fan never read the books 249310
1.0 by 504 huffers
Rooster crows time for whiskey biscuits 3d0ac5
1.1 by 546 huffers
Bro can i be admin i ll be cool gets drunk deletes 40 posts b4ecb4
1.1 by 456 huffers
Sits in white castle drive thru w system pumping his car dies before you order 7569e5
1.1 by 497 huffers
Hate muslims meh nevermind that s awesome 057568
1.1 by 457 huffers
First pick says he ll tank spends entire game sitting at the back f2187d
1.1 by 451 huffers
Becomes altar boy refuses to suck reverend s dick e6c97f
1.1 by 507 huffers
Complains when prof doesn t follow the texbook complains when the prof follows the textbook 130a5c
1.1 by 496 huffers
I need derbs where s the closest allied blob b4e6f9
1.0 by 445 huffers
Does not enjoy game anymore declares it dead ba00b9
1.0 by 452 huffers
Interview steve online ask about the lulz 813d63
1.0 by 498 huffers
Talks about true love and romance likes every post from the freaks only page f712c1
1.0 by 466 huffers
Tells chicks he s an ironman does r and r 90fce8
1.0 by 477 huffers
Too busy at work to watch batman takes 3 days off 581ce8
1.1 by 447 huffers
Takes joke from fj says its his own 28dc5e
1.1 by 509 huffers