Refactors code that isn t used anymore bcced7
1.0 by 303 huffers
Claims michigan football can t name a single player 7f8d07
1.0 by 319 huffers
Always rocks the jacket owns no deodorant 9fecab
1.2 by 302 huffers
Subscribes and saves on amazon cancels after first shipment arrives c7669b
1.1 by 283 huffers
Don t worry bro rain only affects it sometimes aef56c
1.0 by 305 huffers
He freestyles over dub step b9b305
1.2 by 297 huffers
Says winehouse coverage wasting time leaves porchlight on for caylee anthony 443ee4
1.1 by 326 huffers
Offers homemade meatloaf served in stryofoam cups 9b82c6
1.1 by 301 huffers
Basket zanotti femme basket zanotti femme 22cc46
1.0 by 294 huffers
Has pregnant wife at home goes to meet loose women on craigslist 93780a
1.1 by 304 huffers
Encourage you to break up with your girlfriend text your girlfriend later that day to ask her out d41d8c
1.1 by 305 huffers
Moans that there s no player content on xbox can t be bothered to make any 688040
1.0 by 287 huffers
Gets email warning to never send password by email replies with password f2011b
1.1 by 330 huffers
Calls to wish you a happy birthday then asks to borrow your birthday money de0ff7
1.1 by 286 huffers
Makes weird sound in mbl blames you for dat shit 531853
1.1 by 313 huffers
Ask you to help pick out dog names criticizes you because they re not good enough ea3ddc
1.0 by 292 huffers
Signs up for twitter spams his friends twitter feeds 11ab19
1.0 by 310 huffers
Complains that we don t consider someones dignity says we should force them to do everything 14fa42
1.0 by 314 huffers
Complains about waking up early for work posts on facebook about it 3dd1fa
1.1 by 285 huffers
Knocks on door asks if he can hang out 57c8b4
1.1 by 282 huffers
Offered cash for votes deal to candidates not a registered voter 2dbc4a
1.1 by 282 huffers
Works you late and says he will comp the time see you at pt 6c5555
1.0 by 285 huffers
Claims arsenal is the deadliest team in europe doesn t give any examples to support his claim 0483c6
1.1 by 310 huffers
Invite for travels books ticket before reply 08f85e
1.0 by 320 huffers