Smokes up before iftar gets the munchies family thinks hungry after all day fasting 60fa87
1.0 by 381 huffers
Helps build workers revolution enacts forced labor 461f48
1.2 by 326 huffers
Tells you to come over taking a shower when you get there 4aee5d
1.0 by 350 huffers
Asks to borrow your records returns them scratched d1e372
1.0 by 329 huffers
Finishes homework it s vodka time 13b8f1
1.1 by 339 huffers
Werkt mee aan een project doet geen ander werk meer 825a86
1.0 by 332 huffers
Doesn t go for a smoke break gets called a scumbag for it 1a399a
1.0 by 345 huffers
Set geoip to disabled still look for file and error when not found ca2004
1.1 by 357 huffers
Goes to fashion show to check out girls b96b54
1.0 by 351 huffers
Says nothing but jokes and s found on the internet so everyone thinks he s hilarious 7baf24
1.0 by 358 huffers
Parajumpers sale jwcwiejmm gmail com 674152
1.0 by 323 huffers
Oh bro i forgot my wallet never comes back 1e9eed
1.0 by 335 huffers
Sleeps over house steals shoes 179f59
1.0 by 360 huffers
Complains about christmas commercialization still expects gifts d274f6
1.1 by 356 huffers
Works at walmart with no financial obligations hits co workers up for rides food money daily 3b0c9e
1.1 by 320 huffers
Trying to find out about nice cute girl intententially trys to make you hit on dirty girls 960530
1.1 by 364 huffers
Dated your moms uncle cuz he needed gas money 7369a2
1.0 by 336 huffers
Scumbag employer promises to wire you pay doesn t do it b2a367
1.1 by 349 huffers
Mac vanilla eyeshadow mac store locator discount on mac vanilla eyeshadow mac store locator discount on dbed13
1.0 by 347 huffers
Gest the best laptop on earth ooh trackpad suckz0r c4e883
1.0 by 349 huffers
Team is winning says they ll lose cba958
1.0 by 394 huffers
Two nights left together gets sick 65278e
1.0 by 395 huffers
Honks driver s horn like an immature 10 year old 46b18d
1.0 by 322 huffers
Talks to his gf till 2am ask about the lulz 7f1391
1.0 by 356 huffers