Dit qu il est plein de cash s achete de la big ten pour se saouler f3411f
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Continually asked to play bf4 plays gtav ff5587
1.0 by 478 huffers
Borrows your laptop exits utorrent d55091
1.1 by 440 huffers
Thinks going downhill is better than uphill 4fc47a
1.0 by 479 huffers
Ks you in lol denies it b58811
1.1 by 455 huffers
Fingers a girl thinks hes john fister e0bbf8
1.0 by 509 huffers
Stops being a rift gm resubscribes to war 232c97
1.1 by 492 huffers
What s the account number dont worry i ll look up my own form ddceb9
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Asks to borrow car dui d8fa82
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Enter playoffs top position go out first round d66ff9
1.1 by 448 huffers
Can i bum a smoke steals lighter 3c2b4d
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Self proclaimed bg profile picture is a cake d41d8c
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Mongo like candy 98c4b1
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Invites 100 people to super bowl party takes hottest girl to bed leaving 1 couch for 98 88afb1
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Bums a cigarette puts it in half full pack 79e096
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I was awesome pushed rope 298c1a
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Guaranteed it worthless d8a0d6
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Ll reveal what i paid my final cost for this lot was exactly 0 00 2dc780
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Has beard 11 months out of the year shaves it for noshavenovember 52e661
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Chiefs the bowl it was almost cashed anyway e44620
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Warns you about falling ice doesn t tell you where on campus 5ac211
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Adds awesome rake task doesn t check it in 91d6e8
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Plays mortal kombat always picks sub zero 7fa93b
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Busiest day in your company s history calls out and plays video games all day 413461
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