I m a billionaire can i get free shipping on free furniture eb2680
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Makes fun of people using gmail in an email use gmail to send that email 985bbc
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Friend acts worried about you stops txting back 03bfd3
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Avoids nike for puma didnt avoid nike per se 5f07f7
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Punti vendita hogan punti vendita hogan 510c4f
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All the beer in the fridge is gone so is steve bc7988
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Money first then you get the drugs no drugs 21181c
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Hits on married women buys viagra off craigslist 9a40ed
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Sees coach walking into practice tells team to shut up and asks to carry his bag b91ec4
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Tells you massive spoiler about a video game there i just saved you 60 917de8
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On the news for trying to fuck his male boss in the ass 09a90c
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Goes to the bar farts bf97cb
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Gets mad at you for returning what he stole 140875
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Finds another nerd with an ugly girlfriend talk about how annoying women are 8f4891
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Invites tiff krista out now hates them 39c648
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Likes mun memes goes to cna 053203
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Se fait inviter par une amie qui est en ville refuse l invitation 71ad07
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Week 8 finds your flashdrive 5f3838
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Olympiahalle biatchesfazzer 4e7725
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Steals your drugs spends an hour helping you look for them 28a13c
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Alien father huge pupils play the delancy don t list other bands 933776
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Yells at you for coming in five mintues late consistently keeps you half a hour late 014bf6
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Le policier lui demande de partir va se plante derriere lui 79b7e3
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His team loses to lakers and magic your team lost to grizz and spurs they suck bro 1979be
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