Yo how d knee surgery go steals all your percocets 961217
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Requires you to cut 4 000 words tells you to add back in the things you cut bc4ba0
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Hasn t been on the app in weeks likes a song from 5 days ago 1dd024
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Scumbag al stealz your russian 7faac9
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Vn for sale 18z low as ask about the lulz 4856d0
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Goes on your live account talks smack to 10 year old 0886ee
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Has perfectly good product that everyone loves changes it 2a66de
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Hits on married women buys viagra off craigslist 9a40ed
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Pissed at you for losing your car keys has them in his pocket the whole time 80be25
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Friend heard i am making a demon hunter decides to make demon hunter 5f44d9
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If i ever got a girl pregnant i d just say its not mine 183156
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Fitflops size 5 fitflops size 5 d87a9a
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Borrows tools returns them 6 months later cf1cce
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Bitch about old dayshift lead watching videos hobbit all day son d01756
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Comes to every lecture baked as shit bails on formal 3 days beforehand to study 4af455
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Always when you go out he asks how much money you have 4e7877
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Asks to call someone with your cell phone uses all your minutes 9ed28a
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Check it out cross posts a question 71a9b9
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Never watch family guy says it s fake 3b016d
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Sees lnsidious sleeps with light on for 2 weeks 02a442
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Gets difficult piece of mail logs off acct work 4552b2
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Owes you hundreds of dollars offers to help out and bring pointed shovel 260e95
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Knows he can t spend night asks anyways fb51e5
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Says renos will be done november 1 doesn t finish says speak to your landlord 55b45d
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