Yo can u count i asked for 10 dozen crickets e4fef2
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Takes bicycle doesn t take helmet 48dd8f
1.0 by 289 huffers
Calls himself a pimp is actually hooker c9b7c2
1.1 by 288 huffers
I go to cortland allow me to intro douche myself e53da5
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Show him mercy by not kicking his ass he goes around saying he fucked you up 25a8e5
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Company loses half of it dept in 2 weeks marketing tells news we are growing 8b3ab5
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Wears barefoot shoes complains that earth is hard 6cfa35
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Stole her parking spot old lady pulled a knife he calls the cops 93b28e
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Says he will bring beer shows up with a 40 6b40a9
1.1 by 365 huffers
Tells everyone that you are a large water dwelling mammal db7773
1.2 by 321 huffers
Comments on interesting thread doesn t bother to upvote de7b5b
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Uses plus plan for girl at mackin yea i m pretty much a pimp 72de00
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Refuse to go to five towns but make izzy come to roslyn all the time a60585
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New games your pokemon save file names bulbasaur weed and saves game f693d3
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Quiere jugar ultimo residen evil va y formatea la pc 026144
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Sale fitflops philippines sale fitflops philippines d120e5
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Claims he has the clans best interests at heart hangs out with blacklisted members 070e9a
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Plays mass effect games maxes out renegade bar 583cba
1.0 by 320 huffers
Skips breakfast has mcdonald s lunch and dinner b97612
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List no suggestions on pr tell oneex recommendations after he posts f8dab9
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Unplugs your router plugs in his charger d1f372
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Daaaag baby i wuz only gone 4 a minute daaaamn 0bf009
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Le pasas tu cancion favorita por bluetooth se la pasa a todos los compas y la quema 43cf08
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Releases game patch to fix problems deletes your saved game 3765cf
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