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Has support our troops bumper sticker won t let convoy into turn lane e8549b
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Leaves project a week early d32186
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Make album called save rock and roll pop music 175ef1
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Jumps into conversation to insult you because he has nothing better to do bf3ade
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Borrows tools returns them 6 months later cf1cce
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Clubhouse burned down and needs place to chill what are you up to faec82
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Borrows black ops disc is scratched 4890c2
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Shows up to party takes shit with door open fdcc1f
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Dawg ye fuked here she grimey bro bangs her a week later e4c7fb
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Gets accused of being a wigger defense is you wack bra 97b4d0
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Says watch normal anime watches kissxsis incest 43f0ae
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Just bought an m6 moved back in with his mom and her boyfriend 9d62cd
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The goverment is paying for my college majoring in art cf749a
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Robbed a 12 year old claims moogieblack made him do it c38452
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Sees number calls 689b93
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Finds a lost duke card heads to waduke 4a245d
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Do you have the blue roxi s a5185d
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Uses your rolling papers rips cover to make filter 211ce0
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Got a great investment opportunity for you only 5000 up front for december 21 2012 insurance 1e997d
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Got drunk at a pool party and peed in the pool he was not in the pool 800632
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Deletes facebook because its a waste of time brags about it on reddit 5aabbc
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You think you re k rad but you re not ebbb55
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Walks into your house leaves shoes on 3b9be0
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