If i ever got a girl pregnant i d just say its not mine 183156
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Yo bro lemme sign your yearbook draws a penis 7236c6
1.0 by 343 huffers
Won t wash his hands then shakes yours 227d97
1.1 by 296 huffers
Fitflops size 5 fitflops size 5 d87a9a
1.0 by 282 huffers
Borrows tools returns them 6 months later cf1cce
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Dat your sis how old is she bro a888aa
1.2 by 282 huffers
Burns bridge in engineering wingsbro 78c23b
1.0 by 307 huffers
Bitch about old dayshift lead watching videos hobbit all day son d01756
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Multiple users online no one posts d41d8c
1.2 by 299 huffers
Comes to every lecture baked as shit bails on formal 3 days beforehand to study 4af455
1.1 by 317 huffers
Always when you go out he asks how much money you have 4e7877
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Says he will play blops in a little bit doesnt repond in two hours 854aa9
1.2 by 299 huffers
Asks to call someone with your cell phone uses all your minutes 9ed28a
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Check it out cross posts a question 71a9b9
1.1 by 305 huffers
Never watch family guy says it s fake 3b016d
1.1 by 316 huffers
Sees lnsidious sleeps with light on for 2 weeks 02a442
1.2 by 285 huffers
Says to come join us ignores all forms of communication 182530
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Gets difficult piece of mail logs off acct work 4552b2
1.1 by 289 huffers
Demands to be included in group work does a piss poor job 41e028
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Watches skinemax complains it s too graphic 0829f8
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Owes you hundreds of dollars offers to help out and bring pointed shovel 260e95
1.2 by 276 huffers
Knows he can t spend night asks anyways fb51e5
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Says he s down with 420 calls the cops d57934
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Be only medic on team go battle medic b343c3
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