Borrows gym shorts forgets to mention he hasn t showered af2f0a
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Borrows your camera takes a pictures of his dick 46b7d3
1.2 by 279 huffers
Gets asked to play the lead in a good movie huh 95154a
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Borrows calculator for exam returns in degrees mode 60c8ec
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Takes moms wedding ring ponds it 203e85
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Plays super smash brothers uses link s up b all game 093183
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Gets dissed by girl calls her a slut 219a09
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Flashes blood spelled with fingers spells it wrong c1f7b8
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Complains about his honda breaking wants to buy a dsm 50ec92
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Wants to take you out with dining dollars fad0be
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Says he is going to bring the girls they are 3 12 year olds a3abcd
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Calls you bad at turmoil never earns more than 420 dollars a season 965b60
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Arranges a meetup blows it off without notifying the person 6b2a8d
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Praises caesar then yells at me for praising him b8b4cd
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Get http 1 1 ywrtaw46ywrtaw4 http 1 0 401 unauthorized e9a65e
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Friend moves away sweet guess i don t owe him that 20 bucks now 2d9e89
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Pees next to you in an empty public restroom 816548
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Stuck it in the mashed potatos got burnt 3bd08b
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Posts unique fetish porn doesn t use imgur aeb8aa
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Plays fantasy football vetoes fair trades 6c6543
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Takes a shit during a conference call doesn t mute phone 507f7c
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Thinks somthing is overrated didnt watch it yet 14ebcb
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Borrows calculator for exam returns in degree mode f8f2c4
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Google unveils nexus 9 apple decides to unveil their ipad a day early 8f9715
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