Goes to superbowl screams woooo the entire time b3c521
1.0 by 529 huffers
Tweets asking for questions about the audi allroad doesn t answer questions b78d43
1.0 by 626 huffers
Watches the same series you do spoils everything through facebook status 12c912
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Makes coffee doesn t clean pot and leaves grounds in machine 95f66d
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Gets a ride from roommate to the flyaway the morning after leaving butter on counter 4996ab
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Invades country complains country is being invaded 8287f7
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Takes tier shoulders nah gonna play priest e84c4b
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Cheap snapback hats for sale cheap snapback hats for sale eba74d
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Park his car blocking somebody else garage entrance fc6353
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Maccosmeticswholesalers mac liquid foundation c 36 maccosmeticswholesalers mac liquid foundation c 36 fa9553
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Says he has an ounce only smokes a bowl with you 54d49e
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Offer to buy you a nice birthday present complains and asks how you guilted him into it db50f3
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Makes lots of unpopular changes to pledging gets an ipod 5f9550
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Mac makeup wholesale 501135 mac makeup wholesale 501135 9bc42b
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Calls you a scrub thinks james white is one of the best dunkers ever d51299
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Helps himself to a coffee doesn t put 50p in the pot c10a1c
1.0 by 476 huffers
Tells you hes gonna see the movie goes home instead 43d781
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Everybody brings beer to party brings potato chips d5c6a9
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Ditawarin kesempatan nolak 1cc9c7
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Girlfriend gets pregnant buys dragonball z box set and ps3 745277
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Notice birthday a953ac
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Borrows your laptop gay porn and a trojan 9aa922
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Icarly is for kids and queers wacks off to miranda cosgrove 3b1c92
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Joins pmc only subs to elite rank 2866b1
1.0 by 494 huffers