Birthday card 2 days late hey bro i m gonna need a lift d41d8c
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Knows you re making money calls you a lazyfag 58d9ca
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Hey dog lets pregame at the club my boy is throwing a post prom party tonight 5e8a0e
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Didn t take any comp sci classes this summer but his life is just sooooo stressful 255c0d
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Goes to mcdonalds for lunch comes back way too high 6a68dc
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Scumbag slug posts ama too many questions d15a1b
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No one goes out the day before new years retard d506da
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Promises comp only 1 picture b6ed86
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Takes a shit doesnt flush f3eaf5
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Pretends to leave reddit logged in at library was at home the whole time 8a3a60
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Arrive for blind date calls her fat and leaves 4302ab
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Collected cash for the homeless used it to find a new place she kicked him out aa98d0
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Hogan olympia donna 2013 hogan olympia donna 2013 495245
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I dont always leave work early but when i do i leave at 5 30 d5d526
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She told you i was doing you a favour i wanted to see if she would cheat on you 1ff464
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Gets cut out of a sweet weed deal calls the cops and rat everybody out 747731
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Plans on being late to work function next morning leaves early that afternoon anyway 6d25e2
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Hey bro let me see your iphone drops and breaks it 85c2b4
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Invita gente con un mes de anticipacion cancela dias antes 8e9665
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Gets to work late makes up for it by leaving early cdea12
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El geesh w el sha3b eid wa7da f23edb
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Claims to be an amzing lover cums within 30 secs ec9529
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Chaussures fitflop 013300 chaussures fitflop 013300 313fab
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Stage dives and lands on a fat chick got injured he want to sue 7a349e
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