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Oh hey man i like your new facebook banner tags you in picture of his bong
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Yeah man i ll do it never does dd795a
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Plays league of legends in a 4 person apartment cuts everyones ethernet cord if he lags b48927
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Invited to movie brings two niggers 60dc5e
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Invite steve to party cops show up
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Yo where s the kool aid washes away eyeliner mustache dae5f2
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Hey my friends gonna borrow our halo reach pawns for drug money 628fd5
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I ll tear you a new asshole bitch i have the worlds smallest penis l 3bb7e4
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Calls you gay future assistant coach at penn state 6cfef0
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Hey guys wanna smoke some hash 4686b9
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Works at an animal shelter fucks the dogs 7ff39e
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Goes to mcdonalds for lunch comes back way too high 1f3493
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Gets an e mail about wednesday hh e mails but doesn t respond to that topic 56a1d9
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Says he quit chewing but just stopped buying his own dd1b3d
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Steals your pipe hides it and never brings it back
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Respects ja rule also a wanksta d41d8c
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Text me kk xd b4570b
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Has two jobs still does applebees 2 for 20 777ed5
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Brag about mlg cod wait e6a552
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Lend friend money complains about paying you back a year later 994062
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Think about giving up bus seat to woman fuck that she s married c8ab4d
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Never went to lsu reps lsu and cant spell e87dd7
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