Never went to lsu reps lsu and cant spell e87dd7
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Says shes going to sleep face buried in laptop 428f00
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Sorry bro i ain t got no jumper cables really has jumper cables 202d43
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Bought a sunfire failed his beginners af36ee
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Never tips ever 3e2d65
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Scumbag colleague asks for long weekend agrees that the boss can revoke leave c6a33e
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I ll tear you a new asshole bitch i have the worlds smallest penis l 3bb7e4
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Downvotes your post just to keep it at 420 fe09f7
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Bitches about dirty house drops 32 oz bottle of bud on floor and walks away 59a165
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Needs money to go to lan apologies to everyone for being a dick d228ea
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Puts a dollar in the basket takes four out
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Respects ja rule also a wanksta d41d8c
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Text me kk xd b4570b
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Goes spec when team is losing still gg s 98dc71
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Client reports broken items do nothing 8caff1
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Gets an e mail about wednesday hh e mails but doesn t respond to that topic 56a1d9
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Asks a question says he knew the answer after explanation 16f7d7
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Goes to mcdonalds for lunch comes back way too high 1f3493
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Bro can i play xbox talks shit to 9 year olds
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Is wigger favorite rapper is eminem because he is white 2cfad4
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Buy me a drink bitch 516950
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Yo lets go to a bar and get some bitches has no money and smells like week old sweat e9f917
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Takes half day on friday to play golf takes half department with him does no work 064452
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Finds a merchant in video game shoots him 34b5c7
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