Bro can i use your toilet doesn t spray freshener dfc01a
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Claim server has no whitelist there actually is 54504a
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Hakan soderstrom ar bog och alskar negerkuk 90aaf6
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Gets a coffee from the potterow chaplaincy doesn t donate 20 p 8d5e14
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Take different route to avoid construction gets stuck behind train 9af0b6
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Hey bro let me see your iphone drops and breaks it 85c2b4
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Makes cc countdown to track lsc s puts whatever the hell he wants in the list 2143d3
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I ll pay you back someday 9761f2
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Cheers for green bay packers can t name a player
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Make while 1 loop in php iterate every 60 seconds 543b2e
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Works as chuck e cheese mascot bakes out costume e9a95a
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Gets woman of any race pregnant always a nigger baby 439143
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Hey my friends gonna borrow our halo reach pawns for drug money 628fd5
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Says they love spiderman movie doesn t understand everybody gets one c246b0
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Blank macro
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Invited to movie brings two niggers 60dc5e
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Sjuksyster gav spruta till 6 orna skrik hors utanfor 3 4 ans klassrum efterat 173fbf
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Friend shows him funny link dude i saw this alread dde95c
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Yeah brah i ll build your database broke it
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Losing in madden turns off console 84d5fd
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Steals omega 3 capsules from his friend blames him when his shirt reeks of fish ad351b
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Yeah man i ll do it never does dd795a
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Think about giving up bus seat to woman fuck that she s married c8ab4d
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Calls you gay future assistant coach at penn state 6cfef0
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