Goes to meps comes back with thousand yard stare a83484
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Buy me a drink bitch 516950
1.0 by 642 huffers
Says he will go on a diet goes to panda express the same night 688144
1.0 by 642 huffers
Jamphat approved d41d8c
1.1 by 641 huffers
Facade internet tough guy reality basement dweller in overland park 23ed61
1.0 by 641 huffers
Realizes he lost a fight to you on facebook starts correcting you on your grammar b7a079
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Exam half hour later extra time in bed 6e803a
1.0 by 641 huffers
I totally slept with a virgin she lives in another state
1.1 by 640 huffers
Needs to be up in six hours learns alphabet backwards 3e4ac4
1.1 by 639 huffers
I hope you don t mind i pawned your tv 5d058d
1.1 by 638 huffers
Is veteran 9gagger with access to vote page likes all the reposts 999099
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Makes fun of crossfit does calf raises at gym 802c4a
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Can t race bro overtime at popeyes 17f8bd
1.1 by 636 huffers
I m gonna kick your ass do you even lift bro ff9d37
1.0 by 634 huffers
Im gangsta yo lives in moms basement 54eb02
1.1 by 633 huffers
Runs shitty company threatens to sue people who post bad reviews 9e63e5
1.0 by 633 huffers
Says will attend party click not attending on facebook event afterwards 1a7712
1.1 by 632 huffers
Asks how you re doing walks by you as he says it da3471
1.1 by 632 huffers
Complains about empty ask box never asks questions 8a95eb
1.1 by 631 huffers
Assigns 3 page essay 10 point font and single spaced d494f1
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Only does half the required work still makes the deans list ae010f
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Knows brother was making a funny face on purpose posts pic to facebook anyway cb2fe3
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Yo bro can i use your bathroom uses your toothbrush too cb536d
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I hate fucking thieves steals shit from walmart 56b8f9
1.1 by 629 huffers