I hope you don t mind i pawned your tv 5d058d
1.5 by 119 huffers
Grandpa has surgery steal pain meds
1.8 by 118 huffers
Pledges money to haiti for rebuilding never pays up 3373ae
1.7 by 118 huffers
Thinks that 50 no s equals a yes 61c4ce
1.5 by 118 huffers
Always sits next to you has the same test scores b270f8
1.9 by 117 huffers
Pulls a gun on you spray painted airsoft gun
1.5 by 117 huffers
Hangs out with black guys at school they don t know his name c4f5ea
1.5 by 117 huffers
Come at me bro just wait til this nickleback songs over
1.8 by 116 huffers
Makes change in offering plate 5 in 10 out 096abd
1.5 by 116 huffers
Yo can i crash at your place fucks your girlfriend and your cat a33b0c
1.7 by 115 huffers
Hey bro we re fair and balanced takes one sided stance 507a9c
1.5 by 115 huffers
You get new kicks he gets em too 0eaffe
1.5 by 115 huffers
Phase2 blowing up goes to lunch 74cca0
1.7 by 114 huffers
Wanna buy some pills dad s heart medication
1.7 by 114 huffers
Wears fur coat its the middle of summer 6b78be
1.6 by 114 huffers
Bro can you give me a lift change in cup holder gone f63a3e
1.5 by 114 huffers
Buys large white van paints free candy on it d41d8c
1.8 by 113 huffers
99 bitches about being poor iphone 4s pre orders shatters records f1bc97
1.7 by 113 huffers
Bookmarks encyclopedia dramatica things he is part of annonymous and king of memes aed02e
1.5 by 113 huffers
3500 rims 500 saturn
2.1 by 112 huffers
Third wheel hey bro can i watch 5bdb78
1.5 by 112 huffers
Laugh like a goat my name is daniel armitage 1556d5
1.5 by 112 huffers
Says dog is friendly it bites you when you pet it d093fd
1.6 by 111 huffers
Scumbag mark says he wants to contact you never replies 03771d
1.4 by 111 huffers