Sees your facebook open updates your status to i like dick ac98fa
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Thinks that 50 no s equals a yes 61c4ce
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Run for vp finance take summer job in another country 0aec7f
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Sees black guy locks car door
1.3 by 209 huffers
Borrows your dvd permanently 271626
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Passes you the bowl its cashed f5ef2c
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Complain about women going for dumb jocks go watch porn with dumb blondes 31cb06
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Laugh like a goat my name is daniel armitage 1556d5
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Misguided hypocrite tells you what to believe doesn t even know why their own life isn t working 0beb2a
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Says he doesn t have a ego likes his own facebook status eda82e
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Come at me bro just wait til this nickleback songs over
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Gets water cup at mcdonald s fills it with pop
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Asks for a ride farts in your car b75c3c
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Goes to club drinks leftover beer before barstaff comes 354d88
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Bro can you give me a lift change in cup holder gone f63a3e
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Third wheel hey bro can i watch 5bdb78
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Grandpa has surgery steal pain meds
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Hey bro let me hop on your computer a sec virus
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You get new kicks he gets em too 0eaffe
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Three d u i s i drive better drunk
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Talks shit to 15 black dudes and gets jumped says he got jumped because you didnt help him a62981
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Borrows your bike find it at pawn shop 611ac2
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Lost and scared not sure if tavern has hennessey ae86a1
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Bookmarks encyclopedia dramatica things he is part of annonymous and king of memes aed02e
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