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Ugh I hate it when people are trying to be funny on memes and ecards and it's absolutely STUPID and you're saying this guy "scumbag Steve" does all the things yoy claim? Have you ever stopped to think how you are completely wearing and playing out this meme and that all you are is a bully? Im sure a fucking GROWN bully that's probably a fat ass sitting at his Momma's house all day picking on the same person. Thats so fucking much worse than what teen girls do. I sure hope to God you don't drive this guy to kill himself. I can see it on the news right now about how they're going to prosecute the internet bullys that drove him to it. They've prosecuted people before for the same shit and they weren't near as ruthless. They didn't make a whole website for him. Get off this guys nuts before your nerdy fat acne covered ass and face gets in too much trouble. Im sure you've gotten bullied in school so you know how it feels. Why would you do it to someone else? Pathetic. Remember. If this dude ends up killing himself you're fucked. Also if you're stupid enough to continue to make these then stop trying to be funny and leaving words out. It makes them super stupid


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