Gets walked 20 times more than ein pees in cage 20 times more than ein d8389e
1.2 by 44 huffers
Gets dog high gets angry when it doesnt listen 41cee2
1.1 by 110 huffers
Canada goose outlet wnlkdzlh gmail com c52f3c
1.1 by 103 huffers
Wasn t given a friend s number for privacy reasons gives mine to a childhood bully without asking 634c30
1.2 by 57 huffers
Requires keys to access db requires access to db to get keys 4e0f4d
1.2 by 71 huffers
I didnt wanna wake you up called the cops instead fac9d3
1.4 by 70 huffers
Goes abroad still steals raj s fire 07b5a0
1.4 by 81 huffers
Uses your lighter pockets it immediately 88084b
1.6 by 118 huffers
Went on a bangkok holiday bro please send money they are out to get me 25accb
1.2 by 126 huffers
Makes fun of cowboys for not winning a sb since 95 his team hasn t won 1 in 49 years 65154b
1.0 by 129 huffers
Watches titanic cries for 3 hours ae613f
1.4 by 210 huffers
Goes to club drinks leftover beer before barstaff comes 354d88
1.2 by 262 huffers
First tupac then biggie now phoenix cannot cope eefd19
1.6 by 83 huffers
Reshedules conference call when he is on vacation so you have to do it alone 62bd95
1.0 by 53 huffers
Applies for dla and gets it a4f634
1.2 by 64 huffers
Interview steve online ask about the lulz fd2c72
1.1 by 53 huffers
Ey bro wake up you forgot to take your sleeping pills b9cd13
1.1 by 49 huffers
Invite your friend over to smoke and play nhl sits in the living room e593db
1.3 by 55 huffers
Doesn t agree with church s practices lies gets upset for being excommunicated 45a45a
1.2 by 47 huffers
Skips class complains about being bored while i m in class 832c9d
1.2 by 46 huffers
Asks for more work hours never available when needed 4acf59
1.0 by 83 huffers
Quit smoking a week ago tells you how stupid you are for smoking 90101d
1.2 by 67 huffers
Thanks everyone should follow the non aggression pr by force 689f40
1.0 by 151 huffers
Notices you trying to remember a number starts yelling out random numbers 2dfea4
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