First name zach 4b1df9
1.1 by 31 huffers
I gonna rule this jail gets raped on first day b2db6f
1.5 by 278 huffers
Borrows chapstick has herpes 20c4b0
1.9 by 32 huffers
I get mad pussy just not when you re around f9a9e0
1.4 by 137 huffers
Bro just let me play one song black and yellow
1.4 by 227 huffers
Hey bro we re fair and balanced takes one sided stance 507a9c
1.5 by 115 huffers
Rags on mcdonalds workers fired from mcdonalds 8b38db
2.5 by 20 huffers
Lurks in comments makes a meme of someones post 08d40f
2.7 by 32 huffers
Yea i flipped like 3 ounces on my way over and i punched a cop 70f765
1.8 by 44 huffers
Borrows your car runs over your dog bbab85
2.0 by 31 huffers
Sits in your car messes with your levels dced26
2.3 by 24 huffers
Can t practice for upcoming dance still doing it cef355
1.0 by 22 huffers
Cuts self shaving says it was a knife fight
1.4 by 293 huffers
Helps himself to a coffee doesn t put 50p in the pot c10a1c
1.4 by 28 huffers
Doesn t want to go to nearest toilet shits himself a0f246
1.7 by 35 huffers
Buys weed with you only smokes yours 6bd579
1.7 by 48 huffers
Gets a job calls out sick the first day a29996
1.9 by 30 huffers
Raises a pull request doesn t update unreleased md 0407a2
1.8 by 13 huffers
Finally reacher 10th prestiege on cod 4 6b4a68
2.3 by 27 huffers
Haves sex with underage virgin teen says she was a slut 7e7b41
2.3 by 49 huffers
Binge drinks complains of hangover 63d971
1.8 by 15 huffers
Johan tell s you to do your work never does anything himself fa5d80
1.7 by 81 huffers
Lives in the middle of nowhere takes the bus every day dc969d
2.0 by 14 huffers
Calls girl fat behind her back denies when confronted then has sex with her bf6c2e
2.0 by 44 huffers