Pisses in urinal doesn t flush deb887
1.5 by 55 huffers
Blank macro
1.8 by 52 huffers
Says he isnt a boss sure speaks like one d41d8c
1.2 by 93 huffers
Stuck in traffic revs the engine a98852
1.4 by 45 huffers
Says he ll give brother 100 for xbox doesn t and asks for more accessories adc715
1.2 by 44 huffers
Can t pronounce his r s pretends not to be mad that he s scumbag steve 24c06b
1.7 by 25 huffers
I like my sh t custom orders from colorware instead of mod my com af376f
1.4 by 122 huffers
Drives around listening to raps and shooting all the jobs d4acdb
1.1 by 51 huffers
Takes a shit at your house clogs the toilet 3f530f
1.6 by 74 huffers
Yo mom can i borrow the suburban db4000
1.1 by 82 huffers
Knows brother was making a funny face on purpose posts pic to facebook anyway cb2fe3
1.3 by 155 huffers
Brown contact lenses uk offer you fast shipping wit brown contact lenses uk offer you fast shipping wit d3776d
1.0 by 39 huffers
Borrows tools returns them 6 months later 8d6c8f
1.4 by 24 huffers
Drives 88 civic thinks he s a street racer 3662f1
1.9 by 55 huffers
Goes to birthday party empty handed opens presents 8373fb
1.3 by 27 huffers
Gets caugh masturbating during sleepover finishes in your sleeping bag 46ec75
1.4 by 32 huffers
Tell wife she isn t attractive while pregnant uses craigslist to meet up with other men for sex b3e8c9
1.4 by 37 huffers
Watches ufc never been in a fight before b7084d
1.8 by 32 huffers
Complains about kids at restaraunt owns a pet rat 19fec6
1.1 by 89 huffers
Vorbesti cu ea 2 saptamani dar dupa bac te lasa pentru un pletos d85f12
1.0 by 38 huffers
Park his car blocking somebody else s garage entrance f0b6ef
1.4 by 44 huffers
Borrows alex s jacket and gets it stolen doesnt even try to get it back 532b52
1.9 by 54 huffers
Watches olympics says he can do that when asked to prove it his leg hurts e17c10
1.7 by 31 huffers
Osama is dead excuse for rager on a sunday night 9a0d0a
1.8 by 49 huffers