Talks shit to 15 black dudes and gets jumped says he got jumped because you didnt help him a62981
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Sees your facebook open updates your status to i like dick ac98fa
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Three d u i s i drive better drunk
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Cries because gf cheated fucked her best friend the whole time 4e23df
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Scumbag jovan says lets make a 1000000 works on private android game 8b8075
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Complain about women going for dumb jocks go watch porn with dumb blondes 31cb06
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Run for vp finance take summer job in another country 0aec7f
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Says he doesn t have a ego likes his own facebook status eda82e
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Helps create mtn west to keep traditional rivals leaves for big east 2c019f
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Eats hot pocket leaves box in the fridge 24604b
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West side nigga drops to the floor and expects gunshots e1eb37
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Borrows your dvd permanently 271626
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Sees black guy locks car door
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Lost and scared not sure if tavern has hennessey ae86a1
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Passes you the bowl its cashed f5ef2c
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Stays up all night working on paper writes one paragraph swag 0b3389
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Too cool for a backpack carries folder in back pocket 44e5f8
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Asks how you re doing walks by you as he says it da3471
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Let s buy a shot wallet s empty
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Stays in right hand turn lane goes straight 31c949
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Asks for a ride farts in your car b75c3c
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Steals your pipe hides it and never brings it back
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Says he s friends with pollard never heard of mmj a34b73
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Quickscope match stuns and then hardscopes ac9395
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