Pulls a gun on you spray painted airsoft gun
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Go to mass drink all the jesus a5fd81
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Wanna buy some pills dad s heart medication
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Makes change in offering plate 5 in 10 out 096abd
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Complain about women going for dumb jocks go watch porn with dumb blondes 31cb06
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Borrows your dvd permanently 271626
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Wears fur coat its the middle of summer 6b78be
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Yo i ll getcha back when the album drops
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Let s buy a shot wallet s empty
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Passes you the bowl its cashed f5ef2c
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Arkadasnn cakmagn al tabiki geri vermemek uzere 6a4c41
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I swear my wang is twenty inches long penis is 4 inches long 64188c
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Promises to do his own dishes never does them ab140a
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Get married far away make you pay all exspenses cf8708
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Blank macro
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Scumbag makun says brb 30 min come s back 2 hours later 047949
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Has sex with mom doesn t let you okay minecraft 1caf8d
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Gets water cup at mcdonald s fills it with pop
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Yo can i crash at your place fucks your girlfriend and your cat a33b0c
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Goes to club drinks leftover beer before barstaff comes 354d88
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Says he can freestyle can t 605f16
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Bro can you give me a lift change in cup holder gone f63a3e
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Sick coat bro can i try it on runs
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Buys large white van paints free candy on it d41d8c
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