Misguided hypocrite tells you what to believe doesn t even know why their own life isn t working 0beb2a
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Blank macro
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Promises to make minecraft server never does 0274f9
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Cheers for green bay packers can t name a player
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Why do girls go never go for us nice guys treats women like shit 686ae9
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Borrows your bike find it at pawn shop 611ac2
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0 99 to thq 0 01 to hib 0 00 to charity 4480d5
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Go to mass drink all the jesus a5fd81
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Gets water cup at mcdonald s fills it with pop
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Meet at club get roofied
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Nah man it s cool to park there car towed
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Says only the blonde and blue eyed are superior has black hair and brown eyes b97b1e
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Arkadasnn cakmagn al tabiki geri vermemek uzere 6a4c41
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Blank macro
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Says he loves bisco mirros pro shot every night before bed 5d2a32
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Says we re doing 1 meteor brings salinthia 07d31d
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Goes to mcdonalds for lunch comes back way too high 1f3493
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Hey i text your girl she said you guys broke up you don t mind if i keep on trying to bone her 168dc0
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Says he can freestyle can t 605f16
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Yo i ll getcha back when the album drops
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Blank macro
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Sick coat bro can i try it on runs
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No bro it s spelled liberry
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Borrows n64 controller to set records in mario party 5fbfea
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