13 year old girl waves and smiles at me bitches love my swag 9e7792
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Steals your wallet spends 20 minutes helping you look for it
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I met a black guy once 39fa98
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Borrows your kiss solo album vinyls practices dj scratching
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Volunteer to drive get wasted
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Goes to sperm bank every week guess you can call him a professional masturbater 9b0829
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Dude you wanna be an investor
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Hey bro we re fair and balanced takes one sided stance 507a9c
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Sits in class does not take notes c74aaf
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Says he will pay for half of ufc fight says it was a rip off and won t pay after watching 818dd9
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Borrows n64 controller to set records in mario party 5fbfea
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I get mad pussy just not when you re around f9a9e0
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Buy cigarillo smoke it cc4a42
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Bro can i use your computer find pornhub bookmarked in your browser fbb8a4
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Promises to make minecraft server never does 0274f9
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Thinks hes funny by making a meme page is really just a fat poser who thinks he is funny 8e457f
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Nah man it s cool to park there car towed
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Promise jobs take rights b86078
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Says he ll play flag football leaves campus with only ball to practice with f521cf
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Blank macro
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Makes page to give outlet for guilty confessions posts the insulting ones and causes strife f145fb
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Hangs out with black guys at school they don t know his name c4f5ea
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Sees a choking man for 3 minutes ask are you choking b5c253
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